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Diamond Logistics Guildford – The original template that built a successful fulfilment and delivery network.

Month after month, we are delighted to share that Diamond has acquired a new Network Partner, however, to truly under how much of a significant milestone each new partnership is for our company we thought we would share the branch behind the original template. Our Guildford-based branch enabled us to provide our services to customers in the South East, providing them with same day, next day, and international delivery options. This flagship branch helped us strive to enhance our offerings and cater to our clients more effectively. We recently spoke with Kate and Dan to discuss their objectives and their extensive expertise in the fulfilment and delivery sector.

Can you tell us about you and your team?

Kate: Yes, I am the founding member of the Diamond Logistics. Guildford is the template established back in 2011, when Daniel joined me in a tiny unit in the Elms centre in Glaziers Lane, Normandy, where they put together their vision of Diamond network. Originally, Diamond was simply a same day courier company. But when Dan joined, he brought with him overnight and international capabilities, and I was keen to explore the eCommerce sector. Together, we created the diamond that you know today. We are now supported by Maq, Mike, David, and Ryan who run Guilford on a day-to-day basis, but Dan and I are effectively the Guilford owners. Still walking the walk to this day!

When did you launch?

Kate: Originally, we launched on March 16th, 1992.

How and when did you start working as a courier?

Kate: I started working as a courier when I was 19 years old and liked it so much, I started my own company at 20. Dan has been working in overnight logistics since he was 16 for all the major carriers. He then established his own same day courier company, which he sold prior to joining me at Diamond. Maq started courier life after leaving the Royal Navy in 1991. Working as a courier for Securicor then pursued a career path in Logistics for the next 30 years running Depots & Service Centres for various companies, both corporate and SME’s. Mike has been with Diamond for 6 months now, bringing his wealth of Customer Service knowledge and experience with him, certainly adding the great client experience our customer base expects and enjoys.

What advice would you give to a new client about outsourced logistics and what to expect?

Kate: Expect the first week to be bumpy.
Dan: It’s going to change your life.
Kate: I always tell clients to expect the first week to be bumpy. But, with lots of engagement both via email and verbal communication, we work together to understand each other’s requirements and expectations. It can be challenging, but it’s ultimately rewarding.

What do you love about your job?

Kate: I believe logistics, especially same-day courier, is the epitome of excellence of service something you really see in the UK. What we do every week is astounding – matching 70% to 150% of demand to a fixed resource base, always delivering. Plus, what we have achieved here at diamond, in terms of building a unique culture, is very special. There are so many freight, haulage, delivery companies out there, and Diamond is sincerely a cut above the rest.
Dan: I like to be at the forefront of an operation where I can really make a difference. Whether it’s formulating a product innovation to help our tech team or solution design to assist a client, to dealing with suppliers, to supporting network partners in their sales journey, to bringing new clients on board.

How did you connect with Diamond Logistics?

Kate: Well, I founded it! And Dan looked at logistics businesses in Surrey when he moved up here in 2011 and saw an opportunity in the very different skillsets that he and I shared to scale my logistics business. He was made a shareholder shortly thereafter, and the rest is history! I enjoy having that can do and highly organised approach, a great problem-solving skillset that always sees the job done, no matter what the challenge. He also has a wealth of industry knowledge and connections that we use to Diamond’s advantage.

Do you support any charities or community organizations in your service area?

Kate: I do a big charity raise at least once a year. Last year it was Walk the Walk and a 100K trek on the Camino Way. This year it’s the Three Peaks Challenge in June. Our Guildford branch also supports lots of local charities, and the headquarter function has an ongoing relationship with B1G1, which builds micro-giving into our daily business function.

Can you share any funny analogies or hilarious events you’ve witnessed working in the industry?

Kate: I could tell you about the time I was nearly decapitated by a frozen Jack Russell doing an emergency stop in East Horsley, but I might get into trouble for having an unsafe load!

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

Kate: Well, in the last five years, we have been focusing on building our national infrastructure, and we have not been solely focused on our Surrey business. We are excited to engage more locally in 2023.
Dan: We have been #1 in the network charts for eight years now, but with the network growing at quite a rate, there’s some real competition, and I am very competitive!
Kate: Yes, we are planning to increase our involvement with the local community and charities. We also want to strengthen our relationships with our existing clients and partners while also expanding our customer base.
Dan: Additionally, we are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and improve our services to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re a courier company aiming to broaden your range of services, a Diamond Network Partnership could be the ideal route to take. To obtain additional information, reach out to us today by phone at 0333 567 5888, by email at, or by using the form provided below.


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