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Diamond Logistics: Russell Skinner – Chichester Franchise

Russell-Skinner-CropBW-330x211-300x192Thinking of joining the Diamond Logistics family? Here’s what you can expect – straight from one of our existing franchisees.

Hi, My name‘s Russell Skinner and I own Diamond in Bognor, near Chichester.

Actually my story with Diamond started about 5 years ago when I ran in to trouble. I’d been in the courier business over 20 years but the recession had cost me dearly and the bills were becoming impossible to pay.

And to be honest the 24 hours a day and seven days a week without adequate reward was tough on me and my family.

I knew Kate had a record of turning around businesses and approached her to take on my company RS Couriers and retain me and my staff, which she did. What she did with the business was nothing short of amazing and we glided through the recession.

However I still had an itch. I’d learnt a lot from Kate about the best way to run a business and how to make the business work for you so I was sure that if I tried again I could make a success the second time round. But I wasn’t going to do it alone. So when she offered me a franchise opportunity I jumped at the chance.

I would thoroughly recommend a franchise – it’s the very best of both worlds – you get all the operations, administrative and market support from Diamond but it is still my own and my own efforts are rewarded back to me with a good income.

One really key issue is the financing.

In January a key client of mine up-traded by 300% – representing 90% of my turnover in a record month. Really busy! I simply would not have been able to cope with that. A bank wouldn’t have advanced that kind of working capital and operationally without HQ there were times I wouldn’t have coped without their help. But as part of the Diamond team I could just focus on providing excellent service knowing the rest of the team where taking care of the rest.

I love running my own business and I love being rewarded for that. But in order to make sure I was a success and to help 
me grow I needed support and that’s just what Diamond gives. They want you to be super successful which is why they work so hard to make sure I am – in fact my biggest client was a lead from HQ! Their motto of ‘Shared Success’ says it all.

If you’d like to have a chat why not give me a shout or email

Thinking of starting your business in 2016 with Diamond Logistics? Looking to start your own business and build a lifestyle that you deserve? Contact Head of Franchise Recruitment Ali Dolphin on 01483 779659 or email



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