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Diamond welcomes Route4 Logistics to the network

Diamond Logistics has welcomed a new partner to our extensive network throughout the UK.

Route4 Logistics based in Nottinghamshire is a multi-disciplined logistics provider, offering a wide range of transport solutions including:

  • Road Haulage
  • Home Delivery
  • Retail Distribution
  • Same-Day & Dedicated Deliveries
  • Bespoke Logistics Solutions & Project Management

As with all of Diamond’s partners, Route4 Logistics has a professional approach and a proven track record for reliability, handling logistics services for its clients with diligence and care.   You can find out more about the company on LinkedIn.

Read the below Q&A with Operations Director, Chris Lawlor, to find out more about the company and how it shares a similar ethos and work ethic with Diamond Logistics.

What motivated you to join Diamond?

The road transport industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and we knew we needed to push our business to the next level. We were looking for a way to bolster our service offering to protect our market share, and hopefully increase it at the same time.

Recognising the growth of the e-commerce sector in recent years, and the need for parcels and fulfilment services to support it, Diamond looked like a fantastic opportunity for us to break into the sector with the support of the company’s proven industry expertise and powerful software.

What are your initial expectations from the partnership?

We see our partnership with Diamond as a unique opportunity for growth, opening the door to new opportunities that we may not otherwise have access to. We plan to invest heavily in our sales function to facilitate this growth.

What specific fulfilment and delivery solutions do you plan to offer your clients?

Ultimately we aim to take advantage of all the tools at our disposal through the Diamond partnership to maximise the growth potential and return on our investment. That will include e-Commerce fulfilment, multi-carrier parcel services and same day couriers. 

How do you anticipate the Diamond Network enhancing your ability to serve your customers?

We view the Diamond partnership as a way to offer our clients a true 360 solution in logistics, having a provision for almost all logistics requirements. 

What advantages are you hoping to gain by being part of the Diamond network?

The Diamond partnership will provide us with a powerful selling tool in being part of a national network, with the ability to service a much wider range of businesses by providing a wider range of services.

What are your immediate goals or areas you’re looking to improve in your operations?

We’d like to build a bigger management/operational team, which should in turn allow us greater flexibility in the hours we’re able to operate effectively. Currently we have an ‘on-call’ rota, meaning somebody needs to be available to deal with all issues, or even routine operational requirements from home outside of office hours. The potential growth from the Diamond partnership will eventually create a need for more staff, allowing us to widen our operating hours which will benefit all areas of our business.

What kind of support and training do you believe would benefit you most as you begin this partnership?

The sales training and support will be a valuable asset for us, sharing not only your knowledge of Diamond’s services, but also insights into the type of businesses to approach and how to convert them. 

Do you have any early success stories or notable client experiences that you’d like to share, even before joining Diamond Logistics?

Very early on in our logistics journey, we landed our first big client, Cotton Traders. It was a huge confidence boost for us to know that we could not only get a foot in the door with such a well-known brand, but ultimately provide a great service for them. Something we still do to this day, with daily deliveries to their 100+ strong retail store portfolio.

How do you see your partnership with Diamond Logistics giving you a competitive edge in the market?

When prospecting over the years, we’ve found we tend to try and very carefully cherry-pick the businesses we target to ensure our service offering can align with their potential requirements. Previously when presented with a parcel or fulfilment requirement, for us, the conversation ends there.

Almost all businesses will have a logistics requirement of some sort, and we’re confident the Diamond partnership will give us the capability to fulfil almost any logistical requirement, from parcels up to full artic loads. This is something that very few operators can facilitate, giving us a huge advantage over the competition.

How do you envisage the partnership with Diamond supporting your future growth and expansion plans?

In the near future we are hoping to relocate to a larger premises with a more useable yard space for our HGV/trailer fleet. We see the Diamond partnership as a vehicle to help us facilitate this, offsetting the cost of a larger warehouse space, whilst in turn providing a solid foundation for us to grow our business.

Are there specific areas or services you’re keen to explore with Diamond Logistics?

The utilisation of the national network of fulfilment centres to provide powerful same day delivery solutions, competing with the likes of Amazon and Argos, is a huge draw for us. It’s something that could only be achieved by partnering with a network like Diamond. Combined with the multi-carrier solution, we see this as a key offering.


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