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diamond’s Dedication to Growth

Our purpose: to build businesses on one stop logistics.

What this means – our team, ethos and business principles are focused around one thing – helping businesses grow. Whether it’s same day, overnight & international or storage and fulfilment, we do this by allowing businesses to focus on their core business purpose as they outsource their logistics, fulfilment and customer care to people who are REALLY good at logistics and who REALLY care.

One of our methods in doing this is by having a national courier system owned and run by local depots, allowing us to have local knowledge and the very best levels of client care, AND enabling our clients to reach a national network, giving our clients all the resources they need to deliver. And our depots all the support they need.

Last year we were in the Virgin Fast Track 100, so we understand the meaning of growth, and in the past 2 weeks we have stayed true to our passion of growth and speed as we launched three new diamond depots; Taunton, Watford and Bradford.

So who are the faces behind our new diamondlogsitics franchises?



Courier Fulfilment Taunton The proud owners of diamond Taunton – Kevin and Sally Bulled



Diamond Logistics Watford owners Indika Wanigaratne & Mahesh Hapugoda, dedicated owners of diamondlogistics Watford



Diamond Logistics Bradford owner Israr Ahmed, delighted owner of diamondlogistics Bradford.


We caught up with Kevin, Mahesh and Israr to find out a little bit more about why they became part of the diamond network and what set diamond a cut above the rest.

Kevin Bulled, Taunton

What was it about diamond that intrigued you?

Having your own business, but having the added benefit of a very strong team and brand behind you, both helping and supporting you.

Starting up your own company is hard, but if you can have it with the backing of lovely people it makes a massive difference. Each of the diamond depots step in and support you when you need. I really understand what it means to be part of the diamondfamily.’

Kevin runs diamondlogistics Taunton with his wife Sally, a true family. Live in the Taunton area? Keep an ear out for Kevin on your local radio station!

Mahesh Hapugoda, Watford

There were three things that stood out to Mahesh about the diamond franchise offering:

  • The quantity of awards diamondlogistics has won.
  • The proven concept – Mahesh read our previous diamond franchisee case studies and saw that with the support of diamond HQ, franchises were growing with success and on route to turning over a million pounds in under 3 years.
  • Speaking with Kate, our Founder and CEO, and understanding the numbers and turnover behind it all – we are about delivering promises and profits after all.

Mahesh and his business partner Indika, can be found dedicating their time to the logistics and fulfilment of the Watford area.

Israr Ahmed, Bradford.

What is it that sets diamondlogistics apart from the rest?

The service and the care that diamond put in to make their customers happy. And that they aren’t tied down to one carrier, having the option to use many carriers, ensuring they are able to provide the customer with the service they need.

What you looking forward to most about opening up this new diamond depot?

The challenge that it is going to take to open it up, it will be challenging, but mainly making sure the customers are satisfied and the satisfaction I see with the customers.


Building businesses with one stop logistics is our core purpose and mission by every diamond depot owner. We work with thousands of businesses – primarily SME’s – helping them fulfil and deliver. Fulfilment, same day, overnight and international. Delivered with care. No matter where you are.

If you have a business that is looking to outsource its logistics in Taunton, Watford or Bradford, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with

Kevin & Sally:



Or any of our other diamond depots:

They are waiting to see how they can help you fulfil and grow your business.


We have franchises opening all over the country, responding to the logistical needs of hundreds throughout the U.K. If you are interested in joining our diamond family as a Franchisee or would just like to know a little bit more about what owning a diamondlogsitics franchise entails, visit: 



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