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Why I Became a Franchise of diamondlogistics

Dan O'BryanThis week we put the spotlight on Dan O’Bryan. Dan is our wonderful man in Swindon, he and his team work closely with head office to provide much of the South West with their logistics requirements and we couldn’t imagine a world without him

Dan has been a man of logistics since the late 90s, having always been intrigued by the potential to deliver any product under the sun. Like many of us here at diamond, he gets a huge amount of satisfaction when he is able to offer a solution and help a client deliver.

Definitely one that is part of our Shared Success© model.

But where was Dan before he joined the diamond network?

Together with his business partner, Dan was already a successful sub-contractor in the logistics industry- he had a network of nearly 30 vehicles ranging in size and offered 24 hour per day operation. Providing top quality service, Dan was working around the clock and yet the rates being paid did not nearly reflect the reward they so richly deserved.

In December 2014, Dan came across the diamondlogistics franchise opportunity and the rest, they say, is history.

Dan was looking to diversify their offering, other than the same day delivery service, and with diamond’s 3 unique service offering (sameday, overnight & international and fulfilment) Dan could do just that. With a successful company under their belt, there was huge potential for them in expanding their services and partnering with diamondlogistics.

What is more, Dan knew he was seeking an opportunity that would provide them with the support they needed, but allow them to be the decision makers and be in control; be responsible for their own destiny. Dan could see that diamond would do just that and made that all important decision to come on board and has never regretted it since.

Has it all been what he expected? We caught up with Dan to ask him just that…

Yes and no, it’s been everything and more. We’ve grown. Our vision has changed from the beginning but it’s an even brighter one. We have more knowledge than we ever did before, even when on entering we thought we had a lot. Throughout the years, diamondlogistics has allowed me to be:

  • More secure
  • Have the confidence that we are a long term business
  • Be in control of my future
  • Have more exposure and opportunities.

Finally, we asked Dan what his two most important prospects towards working at diamondlogistics were:

  1. To share the vision of growth
  2. To work WITH someone not fordiamond is all about Shared Success© – mutually beneficial partnerships.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Thank you Dan for your time, and all that you and your team deliver with diamondlogistics.


Are you interested in partnering with diamondlogistics, perhaps like Dan you are already established and are looking for that next step? We offer everything you need to launch, develop and manage a successful, profitable business. Visit the link below to read further and enquire about how we can help YOU become part of our diamondfamily.


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