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A Shared Summer of Love – Positive Reviews

50 years ago was the ‘Summer Of Love’ in San Francisco. The spring and summer of 1967 brought nearly 100,000 young people to San Francisco. Clad as ‘hippies’, with flowers in their hair, they joined artists to protest war with peace and love.

Shortly after was Woodstock in 1969. Over 400,000 people turned up to a dairy farm in New York to watch 32 acts perform, for a festival celebrating peace, love and music.

And 50 years ago, homosexuality was decriminalized.

This year, 26,000 people attended Pride in London to celebrate and remember that people finally have the freedom to love who they choose. Love was conquered then and people still share and embrace the soul now.

We think that the ‘Summer Of Love’ is still relevant today and want to capture that spirit. 

Can you share a little love with your diamond depot this summer by leaving a positive review on Google?

Google reviews really help our business to be found – and we are asking you to help spread the diamond word.

And why not try and get some reviews of your own?

Increasing your Google reviews can have great benefits to your online reputation and customer insight, but not only that:

  • Google is often the first point of reference between a customer and a business – first impressions count!
  • It is part of a customer’s decision making process in using your company over others
  • They actually have more impact on conversion rates than any other local SEO activity

So please help us continue on our journey of Shared Success© and leave your diamond depot a colourful review on Google this summer.

How to leave a review on Google 

  1. In the Google search engine type diamond logistics + your location’

For example ‘diamond logistics Guildford’.

Tip: You will need to make sure you’re signed in with your Gmail account.

  1. Your depot should appear on the right hand side of the search results. Click on Write a review.
  2. A window will appear. Click on the number of stars to score the depot (naturally 5!) and write a review for us.

Thank you!

Let’s Share Some diamond Love This Summer


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