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Embrace or Fear Change?

Embrace or Fear Change?

A strong vision is vital to ensuring business success. At diamondlogistics we reflect this through our 2020 vision: to have 40 sites across the country by 2018, to launch a national network and to be in the top 3 courier companies in Europe. How can we get there? We embrace what many other companies fear: change.


Change can be a frightening word; it can be a powerful dictator within a business. Yet, where would be without change and growth in this world? Absolutely nowhere. At diamond we know that change is nothing to be feared, it’s to be embraced.

So why IS change something to be celebrated?

  • Opportunities for growth
    The adoption of change provides a space for you to grow into, beyond the position you were currently in. This goes for our company as a whole and those individuals who make up the diamondfamily. Change allows our team to learn new skills and benefit from opportunities. Moreover change allows our team to express their creativity. The creativity all our team show at diamond is integral to the way we run the business and is a huge part of what shapes us towards our vision.
  • Customer needs
    As the world evolves and grows, the needs of the customer evolve exponentially with it, especially within the Logistics industry. Over the past 25 years, change has created a new demand for products and services.  diamond has adapted to meet this demand, evolving us to be the one stop logistics solution with our  3 unquie service offering; same day, overnight & international and fulfilment. Allowing us to satisfy the needs of the ever growing e-commerce industry. We will continue to develop to meet our customer requirements, allowing us to be stronger than we once were before.
  • Technology
    Technological advancement is probably one of the most significant changes to businesses this century. With the huge developments in Communication, Transport and Media, businesses now operate completely differently to how they did a mere 20 years ago. Technological advancement is a change which we never foresaw but now would find it hard to live without. We embrace this and ensure we have the most up-to-date technology to make our systems more efficient than they were before.

We are always ready to admit that change is something that can be fearful. When you think you are moving forward comfortably, why embrace something that has the potential to throw great risks at you? The answer is that without change growth can never follow.

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.”

At diamondlogistics, we aren’t afraid to embrace change that comes our way, without this, we would never have got to the place we are today and will never grasp the heights we hope to reach tomorrow.


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