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A diamond career with a diamond family

Here at diamondlogistics many of our employees have been with us since our early years. The phrase ‘diamonds are forever’ couldn’t be more relevant. Starting your career is a huge step and at diamond we provide all the support of a family as you begin your journey.

Within our diamondfamily we work by our core values – these values are the key principles on which we trade. One being:

‘To be a really great company to trust, work with and belong to.’

These words are small but with a huge meaning here at diamondlogistics– The integrity and enjoyment of our employees as well as a sense of belonging, evokes a friendship and even passion within the company that we believe, exceeds relationships within other companies and industries. This value, affords us the ability to have an amazing team of talented individuals throughout the country.

Still not sure? We sat down with a member of our talented family, Operations and Customer Service Agent ‘Becky’, to see what working within the diamondfamily was really like:


Becky Agent


Why did you join diamondlogistics?

‘I was looking for somewhere to build a career and the advert stood out to me (bright pink!) I’d mainly worked for big companies previously where you are just another number so was refreshing to start at a small company (it was 4 years ago!)’

What is it like working for diamondlogistcis?

Busy busy! Its hard work but it’s a great atmosphere and everyone loves it so it’s worth it’

What is your team like?

A bunch of nutters! We laugh all day in between the chaos but everyone gels really well together especially under pressure

How have diamond supported you in your personal and career development?

Personally they assisted with getting me through my driving test (finally!) and career wise put through a Diploma in Business Admin and a career path for progression as the company gets bigger and allows it.

Thanks Becky!

diamond not only allow individuals to build a career within a fast paced and enjoyable atmosphere, but we also stick to ourTo be a really great company to trust, work with and belong tovalue, nurturing individuals through careers and personal development. Providing a path for progression within the diamondlogistics.

Do you think you have what it takes to begin your career? Come and join our diamondfamily and start your diamondcareer!



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