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Diamond’s Commitment to Global Giving

Global Giving

We’re proving that we have the power to genuinely HELP others and make a difference across the world. Diamond Logistics are taking our core purpose of building businesses and key Diamond value, Shared Success© to another level – social giving across the world.

Diamond have partnered with B1G1 to make a life changing impact every single day. Every time we grow or improve, we celebrate by giving back to communities around the world supporting their education and welfare.

As we grow, the amount we are able to give back grows too, this means that all our clients and everyone part of the diamond network are involved in making a difference through working with us.

It’s so simple:

When we deliver 5,000 consignments we provide one meter of rainforest protection.

Every time we gain a new network partner we provide 684 days of shelter to people in need in India.

When we open a new Client Account we give 100 bricks toward building school facilities to support education.

For each new Diamond member we give 1 day of medical support to families in need.

And every time someone goes on a training course to learn about how we can make the diamond journey even better, a book gets sent over to a school in Nepal.

So micro-giving is with Diamond no matter what we do. It’s the complete meaning of our core Diamond value ©

Between January and May 2017 alone we gave:

  • 66 square meters of rainforest protection because we had 327,227 consignments
  • 6 days of medical support to families in need because we had six new Team Members
  • 2,052 days of shelter because we welcomed 3 new Network Partners

As Diamond grows so does our social impact.

The more you work with Diamond, the more you can contribute to global giving. So working together we can have Shared Success© in creating great impacts on our world.


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