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Our Approach To Business Excellence

This week it was announced that diamondlogistics received a Business Excellence Award for Logistics Solutions Provider of the Year and Sustained Excellence in Same Day Courier Services from Acquisition International.

So, we thought we would share with you our approach to diamondexcellence.

Be Focused

Knowing the niche of your business is extremely important in selling the services of your business. diamond’s niche is SME’s that want to scale up and understand logistics is a crucial service to their business that can be outsourced. Saving them vital time, and money. We help these businesses to increase their service delivery whilst continuing to provide a high quality service. So they can focus on what they do, while we focus on delivering Shared Success©.

Exceed Expectations

We don’t just want to meet the expectations of our clients. We want to go above and beyond. That’s why we are invested in every client’s despatches to retain our great clients, and gain new ones.

Client service is our highest priority; therefore we want to be seen as exceeding expectations – over delivering our outcomes.

Value Experience

The diamond network has a collective experience of hundreds of years in logistics. That’s why we know we can work together to ensure we deliver the best quality and most refined service possible. We know what does and doesn’t work and we ensure our staff have the experience to know that too.

Get The Right Team

This is vital to ensuring success for any business. Having the required experience is not enough. It is also important that new staff understand the company values and culture. Hiring someone isn’t just about the right person for the job; it’s about the right person for the team.

Develop A Supportive Working Environment

Feeling supported and enjoying where you work is so important for staff satisfaction and retention. teamdiamond receive regular training to ensure high quality and efficiency and to support their own personal development. Sharing challenges and problem solving together is so important to ensure the team work well together and tackle difficulties head on!

A Shared Vision

A strong vision and direction is so important for business success. Being clear and ensuring your team, stakeholders and the outside world understands it, is just as important. At diamond we have shared our 2020 vision:

  • To have 40 sites across the country by 2017
  • To launch a national network by 2018
  • To be in the Top 3 courier companies in Europe

Ultimately a shared vision is what drives and motivates success and business excellence. A shared vision across the diamond network is what helps us achieve shared diamondexcellence.

If you would like more tips on scaling businesses keep following our blog. If you’d like to speak more about how diamond can help you grow your business through a one stop logistics solution, give us a call on 0333 567 0391.



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