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Electric vehicles for Diamond

diamond has been working on its green agenda for the last 20 years. In 2000 it really wasn’t something to shout about but we had already committed to our Green check list, maximised vehicle utilisation by co-loading where possible and countering carbon by contributions to the care of rainforests. In 2019 we updated our aims, and published our Environmental strategy for the future – pledging to do as much as we possible could to minimise our impact. When we stated we would do less unnecessary miles by converting meetings to Zoom, little did we know how spookily accurate that would be – entirely unaware, of course, that we’d be forced to open new service centres remotely thanks to Covid-19!

However the nature of our businesses is such that we do have to get out and about and one of the commitments was that we would make sure all company cars went electric upon renewal. And here’s the first round. Natalie Wainwright and Dan Allin’s new Teslas…….100% electric cars.

Natalie says “Whilst you do have to adapt your day and journey to the charging needs with electric vehicles, it is essential our directors lead the network in our commitment to lowering our carbon output. And the Tesla is great – a proper go kart!”

Dan comments “It’s a great car, slick and at the forefront of technology. And as lead in Product and Innovation at diamond of course I am going to look for the geeky-ist car possible. and to have electrical vehicles was essential as part of our commitment to eventual carbon neutrality. Personally a lot of fun has been had with my daughter and I, and the toys that make the car entertaining! But seriously it’s at the forefront of technology – something we aspire and strive to be – and it couldn’t be a more suitable car for a diamond director”.

If you’d like more details of how seriously Diamond takes its commitment to the environment then please get in touch on 0333 567 5888 or email 


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