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Embracing all generations – adding age to equality and diversity mix!


I love a Ted talk , and my first Ted talk of 2020 and it’s a very insightful look at the increasing power shift in the workforce and the ability with a little adjustment in perspective for the now 5 generations that are working together to appreciate the positive attributes an age diverse workforce brings to a business.

Diversity should include age as well as sexuality, gender, race etc.  I loved the ideas from this talk – appreciating wise eyes as well as fresh eyes, talking about intergenerational pipelines of wisdom, talking about how hard it is to microwave emotional intelligence – and if we appreciate each other how there can be the perfect blend of experience and energy.

There has been lots about Millennial’s for us as employer to consider. But I do sense a forgotten focus on us older folk – myself included as I rocket towards 50. A great company seeks balance – between old and young, great new ideas and easy embracing of technology, with experience, pragmatism and often a resilient attitude which can be very helpful in our older crew. Both view points are equally essential – contributing often different but equally valid perspectives. It really is food for thought.

Diamond has often spoken about how we twin our many hundreds if not thousands of years of collective experience with innovation. That wouldn’t be possible without diversity. Innovation keeps us on the forefront of industry evolution, experience makes sure we develop solutions that work in real life. we need both assets in our business. You can find out more about our People principles HERE

On that note we are looking for a people to join our fulfilment teams in both Bournemouth and Guildford – would suit a baby boomer as much as a millennial as long as fit and sociable.

Apply here today! Call 0333 567 5888


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