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Is is a bird? Is is a plane? No, its a same day courier!

Let me tell you a true story. Once upon a time there was a construction company who had a tender to be delivered. When the client balked at the price (it was going to Edinburgh so was around £600 same day) I asked how much the tender was worth. It was £82m. When we put that value into perspective the client laughed and booked a same day courier – understanding the minimal chance of it being late or mis-delivered which is a 1-5% probability with a consolidated (overnight) courier just wasn’t a risk worth taking. And I am happy to say they won the tender.

Can you image the impact of that tender not getting there? The consequences could have been catastrophic. and that’s what sums up when and why you should use a same day courier. When the costs of the goods not arriving on time or in good order is far outweighed by the cost of the courier.

Here’s a guide: ‘Crucial Considerations for Choosing the Right Courier’

Does it matter who delivers your package and when? For many businesses, the contact a courier has with its customers may be the main human interaction a company has with its clients. And for crucial deliveries – from F1 parts, medical supplies, tenders or pathology – and even the odd diamond ring – consolidated delivery just wont cut it.

Now there is lots of choice So here’s a few questions to discern who the right courier company is for you.

Question 1 – will my package be delivered immediately?

“Same day” should be the equivalent of chauffeuring your Very Important Parcels (VIPs) – like court documents, passports or even medical equipment – direct to their destination, because they need to get to there quickly.  One courier might quote you £50 and another £25. So you can go for the cheaper one, however that courier can only afford to charge 50% of the price because he takes two consignments. So he picks up your VIP, then goes to another company to pick up somebody else’s VIP, then delivers the other person’s VIP and only then will he deliver yours. So you’re basically getting a consolidated courier which, when it’s really urgent, isn’t what you are paying for or wanting.

Top Tip 1 – Make sure your same day courier is going to chauffeur your Very Import Parcels (VIPs) directly.

Question 2 – Does tracking make a courier better?

Frankly if you have the time to track a courier from Guildford to London (i.e. 60 -90 minutes) you need to manage your time better! Ask instead for email notification on delivery so you can rest assured it’s delivered without having to monitor your courier. You should be able to book and then not worry about your delivery – trusting your reliable courier to deliver on time every time.

Top Tip 2 – Make sure your courier is so reliable you don’t have to check up on them

Question 3 – Is big best?

Not necessarily. Even if you spend £50,000 a year, will one of the major couriers who turnover in excess of £160 million a year properly value your account? The sales person will care briefly about the commission, but after that you risk being a faceless number in a corporate machine. Equally you want to ensure you have all the resources you need – plenty of coverage locally and nationally and a wide vehicle choice.

Top Tip 3 – Make sure your courier is big enough to cope and small enough to care. Locally owner managed depots backed by national resources can be a great option to get the best of both worlds. 

Question 4 – Will my courier find me the best option for me?

Did your insurance company offer you the best price option at renewal? Well neither will some courier companies on services, other than your core requirement.  Every different carrier has a different speciality subject and needs to be played to its advantage both in its service provision and its pricing. Some aren’t good at fragile stuff and some will volume out, meaning unexpected additional charges, sooner rather than later. Some are poor at same day and others don’t do 24 hour. So choose with care.  

Top Tip 4 – Choose a courier who offers a multi carrier solution to adapt to your needs.

Question 5 – Does it matter who delivers or collects my goods?

A person making a delivery on your behalf is reflective of your business. They can make or break your client relations. You want an ambassador for your company; a high quality service provider and a great problem solver.

Top Tip 5 – Choose a courier who you feel reflect the professionalism of your company.

Question 6 – Is it all about price?

No.  It’s all about COST not PRICE. Anyone can compare an overnight delivery pound for pound to a same day courier. But what is their customer services policy when things go wrong? This is the true cost of logistics.  Efficient logistics saves you time and money. It streamlines operations, relives admin and simplifies booking. So beware of low cost so called solutions providers – they make their money somewhere and that will be by cutting corners if its not shown in the headline price.  Quite a few corners can be cut by the unscrupulous….. insurance, reputation, customer care, awards, trading records, staff turnover, courier relations, vehicles, appearance and general helpfulness!  Buy cheap buy trouble in the logistics game!

Tip Tip 6 – If its very cheap – what is missing in terms of service delivery – and is this  a price you are prepared to pay. We always say you can choose good, fast or cheap! 

I hope this helps you to choose the right courier.  Needless to say if you want a courier with all the very best qualities call diamond today!


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