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The Five Emerging Trends Shaping the eCommerce Fulfilment Industry

As an experienced eCommerce fulfilment partner for over a decade, we’ve identified several emerging trends that are shaping the eCommerce fulfilment industry, particularly as we move out of the pandemic. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

1. Levelling out

The first one is a levelling out in terms of eCommerce. Some of the big sales that happened over the pandemic are tanking quite considerably. Just because eCommerce businesses did very well in the last three years, it is not a recipe for guaranteed success moving forwards. You must not be complacent and continue to engage very proactively with your audience, and not take the last three years customer loyalty for granted.

2. IRL (In Real Life) Experiences

In real life experiences are becoming very on vogue. Some of our successful brands such as Sacred Spirits maintain a successful eCommerce shop but still have two retail premises in Highgate and Shoreditch. People want to go and see and touch stuff and enjoy retail as a social activity. So with a plethora of small retail shops vacant in smaller high streets all round the UK my forecast is you will see some of these filling with artisan brands that are wanting to engage more with their client base on a tact face to face basis.

3. Economic Uncertainty

There are a lot of businesses that will be facing, if not a recession, then the toughest trading in their history. There’s an awful lot of businesses that are heavily indebted by borrowing over the pandemic. There are pressures in terms of utilities and interest rates. And the general socio economic malaise is having an impact in terms of retail sales. I know banks are looking at experienced entrepreneurs who have seen a few recessions more confidently, in the hope that they have the skills to steer a business successfully through the trepidatious waters of 2023. But there were many small businesses that were started up in the last three to five years that are facing their first round of tough times. We’re certainly seeing bad debt and late payment on the rise so watch out.

4. Technology

I’m not pulling your leg when I say that some warehouses still run their warehouse management system on an excel spreadsheet. That kind of technology will not cut it in the modern eCommerce age. With multiple marketplaces, multiple carriers, transparency of logistics management and notification of all stakeholders – our fulfilment teams, you as a client and your customer as consignee – you need great technology. If your provider doesn’t have it – get one who does.

5. Multiple Marketplaces

Once Upon a time Amazon plus eBay plus your own Shopify website would have been enough. Now many retailers are on multiple marketplaces. Take one of our new clients, a tool manufacturer. They have their own website, sell on Amazon, sell on eBay, sell on and the B&Q website which is now actually a marketplace for multiple smaller retailers. You’ve got to be everywhere all at once to properly compete in 2023.

As an experienced eCommerce logistics provider, Diamond Logistics can help businesses navigate these trends to achieve sustained growth. Contact us for more information. Simply call 0333 567 5888, email us at or use the form below.


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