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Fulfilment and delivery of Outdoor sporting goods

How we deliver your outdoor sporting goods

Sportswear and Outdoor Leisure sector focus

Big or small we can deliver it all with our sports and leisure fulfilment and delivery. This article talks about how your large goods get delivered with Diamond. At this time of year we’re seeing all sorts of things go through our eCommerce fulfilment warehouses so we thought we’d discuss a variety of options.

Size Matters

For our big and bulky stuff, such as our long hardboard paddle boards or even our big inflatables, we use a variety of carriers and same day couriers.

Carriers are people who put goods through the overnight network and couriers are people who deliver goods direct from our warehouse to the end users. If your sports and leisure wear item is very fragile, very valuable, very urgent or very bulky then a same day courier is the best way to get it delivered.

However, we deliver throughout the network a variety of goods that are substantially bigger than this, and each individual Network Partner has a variety of services available to deliver your packaged tennis balls or motorised jeeps on a pallet with the same efficiency. This is the benefit of the multi carrier solution. We’ve got over 40 different carriers integrated with our top 10, including over 15,000 delivery options so you can rest assured that regardless of whether it’s a skipping rope or a skittles set, we have the right option for you.


Packaging is always very important when you’re distributing sporting goods. The rule of thumb is that you have to remember it’s going to be handled multiple times, occasionally dropped from height and most certainly would go on a conveyor belt. So, whether you’re transporting fragile kites, hard boards or items that literally bounce, then you must make sure you package it accordingly. Of course, all our Network Partners are able to help you with specialist advice on that.

Multi Market Places

The majority of our successful clients sell their sporting goods on their own site as well as on eBay and Amazon marketplace. This allows them to take advantage of our capabilities to integrate with up to 40 different marketplaces and have their goods on platforms such as OnBuy, Wowcher and Groupon.

Outsourcing Logistics

The main benefit of outsourcing your logistics to someone like Diamond is that if one of your promotions goes through the roof and you get inundated with orders, you don’t have to worry about resourcing the pick, pack and dispatch of that promotion, regardless of how many orders you get. Diamond has got that covered for you. Having outsourced logistics means you have flexibility and scalability for your sports and leisure fulfilment.


Finally, our 100% transparent technology gives you reassurance that we are managing your logistics for you. Our one stop logistics management platform, Despatchlab, enables all of our clients to run their logistics requirements through it – multiple carriers, same day couriers, marketplaces, local, national and international. Not to mention the stock, inventory, pick, pack and dispatch too. This makes scaling your business so easy.

Key points to remember:

  • Technology-led – providing you with visibility for all your requirements on one simple platform.
  • Integrated systems – your channels, market places and all our selected carriers with 100% transparency.
  • Environmentally conscious – from packaging to less cost routing to delivery consolidation we can advise you on the best policy to suit your businesses environmental pledge.
  • 31 years (and counting!) – rest assured you’re dealing with experts.



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