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Fulfilment packaging guide with the customer and courier in mind

Who doesn’t love the sight of Father Christmas carrying his big sack of presents on Christmas Eve? Well, while Santa can handle those oddly shaped packages and unaddressed parcels, your carrier will struggle. They are, after all, only human. In all seriousness though, getting your packaging right from a size, weight, safety and branding point of view is a big deal when it comes to efficient delivery and fulfilling your customer’s expectations. Here, we share the dos and don’ts of great fulfilment packaging.

Packing fragile Items

When it comes to sending fragile items, like glassware or electronic devices, the quality of your packing material will be the difference between a happy and unhappy customer. Always pack fragile items well. You should use good quality protective packaging and an adequately sized and sturdy box. No matter the protective packaging you opt for, the number one priority is that you item arrives safely.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is important to many of our clients and their customers. And, thankfully, these days, there are some excellent sustainable protective packaging available. Flexi-Hex, is our preferred supplier as their packaging is versatile, slimline, easy to use and stands up to knocks and drops as well as any plastic packing.

Packing for parcel carriers and consignment carriers – what’s the difference?

Parcel carriers, like DPD or Evri, specialise in delivering a one-off order quickly and efficiently. To do this, they require specifically sized and weighted packages and will operate restrictions or additional charges on certain materials. The complication for clients is that each parcel carrier has different parameters that need to be met. If they are not, clients can be landed with extra charges. It is, therefore, important to be clear about the carrier’s guidelines and package items accordingly.

Consignment carriers operate differently to parcel carriers. A company like UK Mail – DHL Parcel UK will invoice a consignment based on volume and weight to create an overall consignment weight. This consignment can then be broken down into the number of boxes required to fulfil the consignment by individual box size and weight. Packing a consignment still requires the same standard of protective packaging but, for larger orders, the cost savings of using a consignment carrier are considerable.

Avoid oddly shaped packages

Whether you are packing for parcel or consignment carriers, oddly shaped packages are to be avoided. Basically, any package that is not in a square or rectangular box is a no. The reason for this is that your package will need to be distributed via a hub. This means it will travel on conveyor belts through what has become a wholly automated process. If a person has to get involved with your package at a distribution centre, you will usually be landed with a manual handling charge. Items that are cylindrical are also prone to breakages in distribution centres. It’s become such an issue that most carriers won’t even accept oddly shaped packages. So, if in doubt, use a box!

Our packing and repacking service

Because of the issues encountered above, Diamond provides a packing and repacking service to all of our clients.

It may be that you have a same day delivery but you don’t have any packing materials to hand. That’s no problem, we will package the item for you.

It may be that you have sent a parcel on our next day service, but it is cylindrical. Knowing this will be rejected by the carrier, we will make sure your items are repackaged in our local centre, saving you on the manual handling charge.

We also offer a complete fulfilment service so that you know that your orders will be professionally packaged using the best protective materials to reach your customers safely.

Branded packaging

Our fulfilment service is set up to work with your branded packaging. This is particularly popular with our alcohol fulfilment where customers expect a pristine bottle on opening. By adding branded tissue paper, we can ensure the label is protected from any scratches while showing off your brand.

If you want to find out more about our packaging and fulfilment services, carrier parameters, or using your branded packaging at our centres, get in touch.


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