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How much will a Next Day delivery cost?

Next Day delivery or overnight shipping is chosen as a cost-effective alternative to a Same Day courier.

As cost is a very important consideration, it is important to know just how much you will pay when choosing an Overnight or Next Day courier service.

The Price of Next Day Delivery

There are literally 1000’s of different prices for our multiple carrier deliveries so I cannot possibly cover all of them here. The best way to learn your exact price would be to call and speak with one of our logistics specialists today, from which you can receive your very own bespoke quotation.

The factors that impact your pricing include:

  • the size of the consignment
  • where it is going
  • how much it weighs
  • what size it is
  • what carrier you choose (or is chosen for you via Despatchlab based on your system preferences)
  • whether you want enhanced insurance (or not)
  • the method of delivery – by road or by sea.

Add that to our different carrier options (Royal Mail, Hermes, DHL Express, DHL Global, TNT, Fedex, DPD or Diamond Logistics) and it is a very complex procedure.

Diamond Logistics Next Day Delivery

We use our knowledge and understanding to compare the pros and cons of all of the carriers listed above to give you the best cost options, or the best delivery options, based on our understanding of your business and your freight profile.

Included in our pricing is our unique Pro-Active Despatch Management.

In simple terms, this means that rather than you finding out from your customer that something hasn’t been delivered, we will chase the carriers for you as part of our logistics management.

This means we remove 99% of your need to get involved in any issues arising from your overnight despatches.

Prices can start from as low as £3 but have an almost infinite variability, so you must get in touch for your price.

Frankly, our pricing proposals need to be bespoke to your needs. We take into account how much you despatch per week and where it goes as all of these factors can impact your tariff immensely.

So get in touch today for a quick quote on all of your needs.

Warning: it can be encyclopaedic in appearance so get one of Diamond Logistics logistical specialists to guide you through it.

If you want to know more, then why not visit our Overnight and International delivery FAQs page?

For more information of the cost of your Next Day or Overnight delivery then get in touch today on 0333 567 5888, email us at or complete the below Contact form:



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