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Investing in Network Partnership:more cost effective than DIY!


Day One

I had a call with a guy called James last week….  

Now he’s a canny Scotsman who already has his own successful courier company and he asked:

‘Why should I invest in a franchise when I could do this all myself?’

Great question. To which there are 5 primary answers.

Number One

Unless you have a spare £500,000 you probably can’t afford the cost to create the modern logistics platform on which our business functions.  It’s taken us two years, a team of 10 people and 1000’s of hours of work to launch and it’s unique. There is nothing like it on the market that does the same – combining same day, overnight and international multi carriers AND storage and fulfilment. That integrates with all the major online marketplaces – Ebay, Amazon, Shopify and more.

Number Two

You won’t get the carrier rates and corporate customer serves unless you are spending the millions per annum we are spending with our main carriers. We have negotiated group rates which allow you to add a reasonable margin to incorporate your profit.  Many of the major carrier simply won’t let you buy from them direct.

Number Three

You can’t provide the diversity of services – packets, parcels, long lengths, domestic and international, business and home delivery – overnight, same day and plus local fulfilment too. And diversity is important – it makes sales so much easier when you are able to carry a diverse range of products.

Number Four

You can’t provide our administrative support – paying the carriers, financing the working capital, creating the invoices, doing the first 90% of the credit control for less than 10% (which is our ongoing fees).  And why would you want to?  You want to be doing the bits that make you money – getting and keeping great customers.

Number Five

You won’t be part of our network.  Let’s talk BIG PICTURE here. Yes, we have just started out, and yes we are still building our network but this is where opportunity is still available.  The BIG PICTURE is to build the largest UK network of local fulfilment centres – and then it starts getting exciting.  Team Diamond will be positioned to deliver goods same day.  And you simply won’t be part of this unless you are part of the network.

There’s more, of course, like branding, support, feeling part of a supportive community – and the biggy – building a capital asset for long term return or saleable value.

But those Top Five are pretty compelling alone, aren’t they?

Anyway, thanks James for raising it. Great opportunity for me to describe 5 great big reasons why diamond is a great choice.

But I forgot one BIGGIE. Opportunity.

So many people missed out when networks like Interlink, Citylink and APC started up – because when the best geographies were gone, they were gone…..forever. And they went pretty quick. I remember when GU was snapped up by the mighty Wey Group. An opportunity I missed because I was too slow.

 Same goes for diamond

We are releasing geographically exclusive territories so you can maximise your revenues – which is great for early adopters as there is plenty of opportunity. 

The bad news is they can only be sold once. 

And you’d hate to miss out, right? 


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