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Love is… logistics

It is February and love is in the air. I just wanted to share with you, as I come towards my 30th anniversary of running Diamond Logistics, why I still manage to bounce out of bed, loving my job every day. 

It starts with the industry. Logistics is incredibly interesting, fast moving and never boring! It is essential as the pandemic has clearly shown. And it is egalitarian, which as an Australian I love. And it lives and dies by the daily deliveries. You don’t deliver; you don’t keep your clients. In an incredibly competitive industry, client satisfaction is the only way you can live as long as we have! 

78-1Even more importantly than this, I love my team. I have the privilege of choosing the people I work with every day. And whilst, on occasion, there are times where we in the Diamond family bicker as all families do, I absolutely love my team. The work they do and their dedication to spreading the Diamond message, to now 30 + sites around the UK. There is nothing more important to me than to recruit great people, train, nurture, give them the right tools and watch them fly. It brings me up in goosebumps to see diamonds in the rough turn into the dazzling gems that work with me today. 

I love my clients. Some of my clients I have had for the whole 30 years I have had this business. A great proportion of them I have certainly had for over 20 years. And with the goods we deliver as diverse as legal documents to F1 racing parts to various libations to medical supplies, they are as diverse and as interesting a bunch as you would very hope to find. In 95% of cases nice people, many of which become friends, so it is a real privilege working with the kind of clients we have.

Sacred Testimonial Twitter-1

I love my network partners. The dedicated logistics individuals around the UK that are introducing Diamond, that has historically been a Home Counties based business, to the rest of the UK. As far South as Plymouth and as far north as Edinburgh.  As West as Cardiff and Newtown and as East as Lincoln. Their love for their clients is what keeps them building their business every day, every week, every month, every year.

Sian Jenkins Quote Twitter-1Finally I love the impact that our service has on people’s lives whether it’s vital blood for a transfusion that is literally lifesaving, to the surprise on the face of the person who’s had flowers delivered to them, to the grins on the faces of the children that received our gifts at Christmas, to the team member winning their Values award, to the Network Partner winning their first client, to the local regional and national impacts we are empowered to give because of the success of our business. 

Diamond is but a drop in the global logistics ocean, but we share a lot of love for a little company. I love my team, my clients, my network partners, and I love my business.  Happy Valentine’s Day. 


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