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May Day…!

We’ve got a bank holiday on the horizon and it’s great, right? Not always…

So you get an extra day off – ace, but what happens if it throws your whole shipping process out of wack? I tell you, you do NOT want to return from an extra day off to find stacks of complaints.

We’ve put together some major red flags to look out for with your couriers when they get a sneaky day off. Of course, if you’re using us, you’ll be sure to get diamond standard service whatever day it is…


  1. Quality not quantity

There are LOADS of crappy couriers out there. There are a lot of people who think it’s an easy way to make a quick buck so you don’t want to get caught out with high costs and low quality. For instance, some companies will try to cut corners so your VIP (Very Important Parcels) may not be directly couriered to its destination, but share their journey with another. It’s not direct or time efficient for you.

  1. Where is your consignment?

You know how important each of your deliveries are. It’s YOUR product that is going to YOUR customer. As much as your clients can benefit from parcel tracking, it’s just as important for you to know at which stage in the process your parcel is waiting. That way, you can see all the hold ups and delays (not that there should be any…) and you can re-assure your clients that their parcels WILL arrive on time. At diamond, we’re proud of our real time online booking and tracking and all round management so it’s easy for your team to use.

  1. Has your courier thought it through?

Some couriers deliver a few parcels on bank holiday, others won’t do anything at all. Make sure that you’ve checked in with all of your suppliers what their deal is. And don’t forget to reminded your customers that the bank holiday may cause a slight shipment delay. It’s easy for things to disappear when you lose a day, so make sure you keep on top of your logistics provider so that you can actually SEE if you’re stocks been delayed because of the bank holiday. That way, you can do some damage control before the customer comes with a complaint. At diamond, we really care about your parcels and so we do our best to make sure the bank holiday causes as little disruption as possible. After all, it’s an extra day to relax. Not to get you more stressed. We don’t muck it up for you because if you lose out, so do we and that’s not what we’re about. Our goal is to make you happy.


We hope you get some time to put your feet up this bank holiday, but don’t let any pesky couriers let you down. diamond is always happy to help. From start-up clients who rent just a few pallet spaces and despatches a dozen items a week – to international brand names distributing thousands of items a day – we support a variety of businesses. Keep checking back on our blogs for helpful tips and more information on the services we offer. Happy Bank Holiday!


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