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Introducing Peterborough eCommerce Fulfilment Services for Efficient Delivery

Brand new fulfilment warehouse ready for new eCommerce clients in Peterborough.

We are pleased to announce that Dan Zenchuk and his dedicated team at Diamond Logistics in Peterborough are now accepting new eCommerce clients as part of our latest service launch. We are excited to offer an exceptional opportunity to outsource your eCommerce fulfilment at a remarkably low cost, with an exclusive three months of free storage for the first 10 new clients.

eCommerce Fulfilment Services

Our comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment services in Peterborough encompass the crucial tasks of maintaining, picking, packing, and dispatching your goods to customers across the UK. By partnering with us, you can bid farewell to cluttered living spaces and late nights spent unintentionally playing the role of a warehouse manager. Instead, you will enjoy the benefits of complete outsourced logistics management, effortlessly handled through our user-friendly and intelligent platform, Despatchlab.

Outsourced Fulfilment

Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfilment is especially advantageous for entrepreneurs who prefer to focus on product sourcing, marketing, and sales. By entrusting us with the crucial aspects of fulfilment and delivery, you can devote your attention to areas where your skills truly shine, while ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. With an extensive range of carriers including Yodel, DPD, DHL Parcel, as well as integrations with international carriers like Norsk and FedEx, we provide a diverse array of logistics solutions, allowing you to dispatch your products virtually anywhere, anytime (some exclusions may apply).

Warehousing Solutions

Even if you currently handle your warehousing operations, it is worth considering the benefits of outsourcing. The costs associated with warehouses, warehouse managers, WMS systems, packaging, and carrier management can quickly accumulate. Opting for eCommerce fulfilment essentially grants you “Warehousing as a Service” (WasS), enabling you to pay only for the space, despatch services, and packaging that you require. The added advantage of partnering with Diamond Logistics is that we handle all your logistics needs on your behalf.

Peterborough eCommerce Fulfilment

Dan and his team in Peterborough possess a deep understanding of the intricate logistics involved in delivering goods. As a multimillion-pound provider of Amazon delivery services, they have amassed years of experience in successfully managing last mile deliveries. Our expansion into eCommerce fulfilment services is primarily aimed at supporting small to medium-sized enterprises in the Peterborough area, offering them the opportunity to outsource this crucial but potentially overwhelming aspect of their business.

Get in Touch

Partner with Peterborough eCommerce Fulfilment Services, led by Dan and his experienced team, for streamlined eCommerce operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our cost-effective solutions include three months of free storage for the first 10 new clients, eliminating the challenges of managing your own warehouse. With our user-friendly Despatchlab platform and a range of carriers, Diamond Peterborough offer efficient fulfilment and delivery services nationwide and globally. Explore our Peterborough service centre page here, discover other service centres across the UK here, or complete our contact form below to unlock the benefits of optimized eCommerce fulfilment. Partner with us and experience seamless operations today.    


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