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Retail is Forever Changed by Covid 19

Yesterday we got the first hint of when the shops will start to re-open. It would be great to think for our retail industry that the light has been turned back on at the end of the tunnel, but the reality is the face of retail has changed forever.

Daniel Allin, our Chief Commercial Officer says, ‘I think it’s fair to say that the supply chain will change hugely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The logistics industry as a whole has truly stepped up to the challenge during this time.  E-commerce has seen a rise of over 20% during the pandemic and it’s clear to see the impact on traditional bricks and mortar businesses – the pandemic has fast-tracked the high street’s demise.

‘Post-pandemic, I see a further upward demand for e-commerce and a continued downward demand for bricks and mortar shopping.  Social distancing will remain in the near future, further driving demand for goods sourced online, and a need for businesses to adapt – and pivot – into the online retail space.

‘I also see changes afoot in the storage world.  It’s been no secret that certain supplies have been in global demand and a shortage of such items will lead to onward stock piling to ensure there is no repeat of the challenges seen during the pandemic.’

In summary – that’s a huge shift online. High street demise due to social distancing and the need for more and more storage as we face supply chain disruption globally. Who do you know who specialises in e-commerce, has over 25 local warehouses and has been encouraging and working with their clients to ensure they have adequate spare capacity to stock up, so that when the next supply chain disruption occurs their sales are not impacted by a six week delay? diamondlogistics, of course.

Watch this space for more articles over the next few weeks about Just in Case, Not Just in Time.


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