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See What Our Clients Say

Thanks for all of you who engaged in our Client Survey. In standard Diamond style there was quite a lot of bribery involved, but the results were worthwhile.

We wanted to derive some performance-based statistics, direct from our users and it gave great insight into why we are your preferred logistics provider and the impact that can have on your business.

Friendly local and reliable was the reason 90% of you choose as your top reason to use, followed by the range of services and technology.

In terms of your client experience the top 3 responses were friendly, followed by utter supper stars (thank you)!) and knowledgeable – which is awesome as it positions us just where we want to be – at the heart of your business as trusted advisors.

Here’s some of the key statistics:

  • Time spent on internal processes has decreased by 47% since we started using Diamond Logistics/Despatchlab.
  • By switching to Diamond Logistics, I have saved 23% in the first 3 months.
  • Administration time has been reduced by 36.5% since we started using Diamond Logistics as our logistics supplier.
  • Customer complaints about late delivery have reduced by 48% since Diamond Logistics took over the despatch of our products.
  • Customer complaints about receiving damaged goods has reduced by 54% since we started using Diamond Logistics.


There was some good feedback – so thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve with your suggestions on future system needs,

And to all my Diamond team – with special mention to Bristol, West Bromwich and Lincoln especially well done for getting such great testimonials from your clients. From “Julian at Diamond Logistics in West Bromwich is super friendly and reliable. He work extremely hard to give customer satisfaction” to “the girls at Diamond Bristol continue to exceed our expectations, not just occasionally, but every day” to “Keep on keeping on. For once we have a system that we can rely on with a local company we can trust to deliver” – the praise is gratefully received. Thank you.

And the best quote about why people use Diamond, there was a few classics, “It’s such a sparkling service”, to “They are this girl’s best friend” and “Diamond is a business’s best friend”. However my favourite is “Diamond deliver”. One of our 3 key Values. I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for taking part. Take care.

Kate x


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