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Social Responsibility at diamond logistics


We enjoy our work with B1G1, but want to give you an update on our social responsibility at diamond logistics and the impact it can have, just through one act of kindness a day.

We partnered up with B1G1 to make a life changing impact every single day and so micro-giving is with us no matter what we do. That means, every time we reach a shipment target, employ a new member of the team or open a new franchise we celebrate by giving back to people and small businesses that B1G1 support. So, the better we do, the more we can give to help other businesses do well around the world too.

B1G1 help us add small giving into our daily tasks. When Diamond deliver 5,000 consignments we provide one meter of rainforest protection. – Really great news. For our clients, especially, it means that the more you work with Diamond, the more you can contribute to our giving effort without having to do anything extra. It really is a win-win situation, the only business or person that loses is the one that isn’t involved!

At Diamond, it’s also really easy for our team to get involved and we make sure that when they do, they are also learning to give an even better Diamond service. It’s important for us that the Diamond team get to make the most of being part of our journey and so we always like to send people on training courses. It helps us deliver – you the clients – only really great service and also, every time someone from the Diamond team goes to learn about how we can make the Diamond journey even better, a book gets sent over to a school in Nepal. That means that we learn, they can learn and you can be sure that you only have the best trained people handling your Very Important Parcels (VIPs).

Why do we do this?

Because Diamond builds businesses and careers with its one stop logistics here in the UK, so why can’t we go further? We’re interested in helping people – to grow, to build businesses, to build careers and that’s why we always deliver such great courier and fulfilment service to our clients. And so, it’s the same for B1G1, we want to help people develop their businesses and we grow, they grow, the Diamond momentum.

If you want to read more of what we’ve done with B1G1 visit the site.


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