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The 7 Ps for Peak Planning

Kate Lester, CEO and founder of Diamond Logistics, on why it’s critical to join as a Network Partner now rather than later.  


The army talks about the 7 Ps. Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. 

Before I get harangued for using bad language, let me tell you why there is no better adage for this blog. It’s only June right? Why would you think about joining the Diamond Logistics network now?  



  • Before you know it the summer will have gone and you would have missed your pre-Christmas launch spot  
  • We can’t launch through October to December 
  • September is almost at capacity  


If you wait until January you won’t have enough time to get your first clients under your belt, understand the systems and the sales pitch, or truly get to grips with the Network Partner opportunity. 

This means you won’t get the best run at the all-important key sales in January to June in 2023. 

The best Network Partners start as early as possible to ensure they can take advantage of all the mistakes that have happened over the Christmas period! It’s a great time to capitalise on poor service from your competition.  

However, if you haven’t launched then you will miss out. You simply won’t have the momentum to capitalise on the very best sales for six months of the year. 

It takes time to set up your site, receive training, to practice on some start-up accounts, prepare your marketing and build your sales momentum. It’s not a quick thing, it takes time to do this properly. 

In recent months we’ve been delighted to welcome several successful businesses as Network Partners. Read their stories here; Darcica Logistics in BicesterMike and Sebastian Transport in Peterborough and Blaze Logistics in Edinburgh 

So if building your business is important to you, if you are ambitious and hungry to grow, then get your finger out. Now is the time to put in some Prior Proper Planning Preventing Piss Poor Performance and instead, Party Properly at Peak and Plunge into Perfect Performance in the Pristine 2022 period! 


To receive a call from one of Diamond Logistics’ partner managers, who can advise you on the full benefits of becoming a Network Partner,  complete the following form. 

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