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The Beauty Fulfilment Process

Our guide to successful fulfilment & deliveries

The beauty market is one of our favourite industry sectors.  Much like combining the wealth of beauty products to give you the wow factor, we know the same level of precision in logistics and beauty fulfilment will elevate your customer experience.

This article reviews the strategic and meticulous approach we adopt in the beauty fulfilment process ensuring the customer experience is as sophisticated and luxurious as your beauty brand and its products.

Streamlined inventory management

Precise inventory management creates an effortless foundation for you to streamline your beauty fulfilment process. At Diamond, we have invested in our smart fulfilment technology, Despatchlab, to provide our clients with a one-stop fulfilment and delivery platform. Our system pays meticulous attention to stock levels, ebbs and flows in demand, and integrates with multiple marketplaces.

Getting your inventory management process sorted will set you up for those busy periods and ensure you have happy customers no matter what time of the year.

Multi-carrier solutions

Blending together a range of carrier options that will help you to achieve the best delivery results is one of the greatest benefits of working with a third-party logistics partner.

At Diamond, we provide a multi-carrier solution for our clients that not only suits their customers’ preferences, but it also ensures a continuation of service if a carrier experiences operational issues. This approach to logistics will enhance you customer’s satisfaction through regularity and timely delivery, even through the busiest delivery periods.

Maximum impact

Just as highlighting enhances your natural features, creating effective promotions will help to highlight the key selling points of your beauty brand and attract new loyal customers.

At Diamond we take great pride in ensuring your promotions are well supported and resourced through our fulfilment and logistics services.


Corrections are part of life, whether adjusting make-up mishaps like a pro or seamlessly handling customer returns. We will manage returns from start to finish and make the process as simple as possible, so you retain a happy customer.

Time is of the essence when it comes to returns and working with your logistics provider now to establish an effective returns policy is key. In our experience your returns policy should include details such as a clear returns process, user-friendly labels, and regular quality control assessments from your provider.

Elevating customer experience

Just like the customer experience, the beauty application process wouldn’t be complete without a dependable setting spray.

Exceptional customer service throughout the whole process is that finishing touch. As a logistics provider, the most important steps you can take to elevate your customers’ experience is to provide transparent tracking, consistent communication, and attentive support.

Our meticulous fulfilment and delivery approach means that your beauty business will leave a luxurious impression that mirrors any flawless finish to a beauty routine.

Diamond has years of experience and expertise when it comes to providing quality fulfilment and delivery services to the beauty fulfilment sector.

If you are interested to know more, get in touch using the form below or check out our guides below.


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