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The Importance Of Reliable Next Day Delivery for Online Retail

The delivery of your customers’ parcels is the ultimate stage of the fulfilment process and from the consumer’s point of view, absolutely the most important. Which?, the independent consumer organisation, has pursued a campaign against poor deliveries and has called on etailers to offer timed delivery slots, confirmation of delivery time on the day and options for the customer on what action should be taken if delivery is unsuccessful.

Diamond Logistics vanThis resulted from a Which? survey that found 25% of those interviewed had a poor delivery experience, of which:

• 17% had late delivery
• 3% were not delivered
• 2% resulted in damaged deliveries

Diamond has won a number of awards over the year and prides itself on its great delivery service, taking the utmost care of your Very Important Parcels (VIPs).

Diamond uses the latest technologies to ensure that our customers get their parcels on time and in perfect condition.

Although many larger online retailers are already using premium delivery services, smaller retailers need to weigh the cost of using a premium delivery service for their express deliveries, against the positive feedback they are likely to receive from those customers. A gold standard multicarrier delivery service may not always make financial sense for low profit items, but if customers are clearly prepared to pay a premium for convenient, timed deliveries it is worth exploring for all ecommerce businesses! It important to give choice – and with Diamond you have literally 1000’s of delivery option to match your client expectation with what they are prepared to pay, or indeed how they expect you to deliver.

And with an eye to the future, great retailer are thinking what next? With eCommerce demand getting more and more urgent and people demanding more and more online is same day delivery next. We think so. 

If you have an eye on the future and want to discuss your future delivery requirements then get in touch today on 0333 567 5888 0r email


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