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‘The Rum Insiders’ – Diamond Logistics Alcohol Fulfilment UK

Written by Diamond Logistics Founder, Kate Lester.


One of the newest clients to join Diamond for our alcohol licensed fulfilment is Kromanti Rum, a distillery and blending house run by Cashain David. 

When asked how long he’d worked in the industry for Cashian explained that ‘worked’ was a bit of a misnomer to him. He explains, ‘I love the fact that I can spend time with rum, rum producers and also introduce people to this wonderful spirit. Cashian said his real journey began as a child, ‘ We always had rum in the house and understood it as something which welcomed visitors to the house, marked life events such as births, marriages and deaths. Rum is that warm welcome at a family occasion; it is the smell of my mother’s kitchen. It means our history and community’. 

‘The first Rum I had was a sugar cane rum called Macoucherie from the nature isle of Dominica, which is near Guadaloupe. It was a visit to the small rum shop in the rainforest of the island that I learned to understand the depth of the local rum histories that are held in the spirit. My drink was infused with a local herb called ‘nani’, which tastes a bit like aniseed and chosen for me by the shop owner’. 

It was only in the last 10 years that he began working as a Rum Brand ambassador and then began the journey to educate drinkers to the missing narrative of rum through the Kromanti Brand. To date Cashain says his biggest career highlight has been winning an award in the IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition – one of the oldest and highly regarded competitions) despite launching the Kromanti brand in the height of lockdown. Despite such adversity they won an award in the Run category which provided them with confidence. 

The business has big ambitions. Looking ahead, the future is really bright, with Kromanti determined to expand the rum narrative to include perspectives and voices that haven’t been represented before – creating dialogue and discussion for when colleagues and drinkers have that insightful moment, and emotionally connect with the ‘liquid story’. Its important to stay engaged with Rum – tastes, flavours and brands and Cashain ensures this by staying up to date with the latest in the Rum industry. ‘I really love to experience the variety of taste profiles and stories in this industry. However, I am a fan of local unnamed rums from the windward islands in the Caribbean including Grenada, St Lucia and Dominica. I enjoy slightly sweeter rums and another local East London rum I’ve tasted lately is called Las Olas’. 

As to why Cashian decided to outsource his licensed alcohol fulfilment he says, “We are a new brand juggling, the daily operations, sales and marketing and ‘live’ events that bring the stories to life with our audience. As the business grows, we needed more help with the logistics of getting our wonderful Rum out in an efficient manner – we needed another team member!” 

And Diamond was a clear choice because “Finding a partner who can deal with the complexities for storing and handling alcohol is not easy as the number of fulfilment partners around who can work in that space suddenly reduces when you mention alcohol. So, after a thorough search, we liked the way that Diamond worked through a network of smaller providers in it’s supply chain, but gave us the infrastructure of a large slick partner. Working with Diamond allows us to maintain our values whilst knowing that the logistics element of our future is in good hands.” 

Cashain is passionate not only about rum but food too. Favourite parings include Rum and good quality chocolate. He makes our mouth water as he describes the Grenadian chocolates which pair really well with a nice sipping Rum or the Chairman’s reserve (a St. Lucian rum) which goes brilliantly with salted dark chocolate. Diamond is hooked! 

The sucker punch is Cashain favourite rum based cocktail – which will have to be tried and tested by this here writer for scientific purposes (obviously….ehem!) which is the Ti Punch. Cashain explains, ‘It’s a welcome drink on some Caribbean islands and is presented on a table in the house as separate ingredients (Rum, Lime & Sugar) that you combine yourself. It tastes refreshing and reminds me of being home in the Caribbean’.

To find out more check out Kromanti Rum’s website here.

To discuss your Alcohol Fulfilment or discover your local alcohol fulfilment centre, get in touch with our team on 0333 567 5888, email us at



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