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Threads as a Powerful Marketing Tool in the Logistics Industry

Opinion piece by Kate Lester, CEO.

Does it Meta if you Thread? Is it time to explore the untapped potential of Threads as a powerful marketing tool for your logistics business?

Did you see what I did there? I know I’m kind of pleased with it myself. But seriously folks will you be joining the Threads revolution?

Social media is really difficult to quantify in terms of its return on investment and any small business has to be particularly careful about where it spends its marketing money. But has Twitter really been the same since Elon Musk got involved? We’ve certainly seen a dramatic decrease in positive interaction and click throughs to sale and quite frankly the negativity is on Twitter, and embracing of morons like Trump makes me think that maybe, just maybe, this time Mr Musk might not be on his standard winning streak.

Now I’m not a fan or decrier of Mark Zuckerberg, but I kind of like the idea that Threads is designed as a platform for proper conversations and sharing with similarities to Twitter, with a 500 characters of text and five minutes a video. It’s now becoming the most rapidly download an app surpassing that of ChatGPT.

Why Use Threads?

Threads has signed over 50 million users, including us on its first day, and it interacts directly with Instagram, which makes it easy to align with the rest of your social platforms. It’s already got 3,377 thousand reviews with an average 4.2 on the Apple App Store.

So ultimately, it’s up to the users to decide. With any business registered on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Business, Twitter, Pinterest, and more you’ve got to choose your medium to match your market. What we’ve observed with Diamond‘s marketing activity is that our social activity drives direct traffic and organic search. If we turn it off, then both of those go down so whilst sometimes leads can’t be immediate at an attributable to our social presence. We know that all contributes to the touch points in terms of initial engagement.

So will I see you there? This is our Threads address. Come say hello.


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