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Worried that the Amazon workers strikes may affect your eCommerce business?

Amazon workers are striking over their demand for £15 an hour in the fulfilment warehouses. Now it’s not up to us to get political in terms of the distribution of income throughout Amazon, but we are really worried on behalf of our clients as it will affect their ability to fulfil and deliver when the warehouses are effectively shut down after the GMB balloted for strike action.

Amazon Marketplace

Did you know you can store your stock and products in our Diamond Logistics warehouse and still sell on Amazon? Diamond Logistics integrates with the Amazon marketplace on our fulfilment software, Despatchlab, as well as many others.

Fulfilment Service Centres

With a selection of small owner managed fulfilment service centres around the UK, you have a guaranteed fulfilment and delivery service. With a dedicated team like Diamond by your side, we can support your business through all ups and downs. We have experienced extraordinary circumstance within our own business. It wasn’t long ago that the Directors of Diamond Guildford had to roll up their sleeves and pick, pack, and despatch orders ahead of the Christmas holidays when our team was struck down with covid. Regardless of what happens, you know, you’ve got proper reliability of supply.

eCommerce Business Tips

Here are Diamond’s top five tips on navigating the upheaval and stress the Amazon workers strikes may have on your eCommerce business:

1. Diversify your fulfilment options:

Don’t solely rely on a single fulfilment provider like Amazon. Consider partnering with alternative fulfilment service providers, like Diamond Logistics, to ensure you have backup options in case of strikes or disruptions.

2. Store your stock in reliable warehouses:

Choose fulfilment centres, like Diamond Logistics, that have a proven track record of reliability and efficiency. Ensure that your products are stored in warehouses where the staff is dedicated and engaged in their work, providing you with a higher level of personalised service.

3. Integrate with multiple marketplaces:

Expand your reach beyond Amazon by integrating your eCommerce business with multiple marketplaces. This will allow you to continue selling and fulfilling orders even if Amazon is affected by strikes.

4. Plan ahead for key dates:

Identify crucial sales periods, such as Black Friday, and proactively prepare for them. With strikes like the Amazon workers strike becoming common place in modern day UK, it’s essential to have contingency plans in place. Coordinate with your fulfilment partners to ensure a smooth operation during these peak times.

5. Prioritize customer satisfaction:

Focus on providing excellent customer service to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. Communicate transparently with your customers about any potential delays or disruptions caused by the strikes. Keep them informed and offer alternative solutions to minimize the impact on their shopping experience.

Diamond Shared Success

Unlike the behemoth Amazon, your goods in our warehouses, are not some anonymous boxes. All our sites are run by people who are fully engaged in the business, because our future success depends on your satisfaction and custom. We don’t have unionised team members, and we are committed to paying the living wage along with a plethora of other social responsibility pledges that we make as a business. As for the share of profits, these are devolved around our network in order to ensure their operational stability. It’s all aligned with our shared success principles, which really rely on our flagship fulfilment and delivery centre in Guildford remaining efficient and keeping costs low, so that our network partners retain the majority of the margin.

If you and your eCommerce business are impacted by Amazon worker strikes either this month or in the future and you’re looking at an alternative fulfilment supplier to make sure that you can deliver, then now is a really good time to give Diamond Logistics a call. Simply call 0333 567 5888, email or complete the online form below.


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