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Unlocking Success: CEO Kate Lester’s Personal KPIs and the Power of Making a Difference

Opinion Piece: The Importance of Personal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Diamond CEO, Kate Lester.

In a recent lunch meeting with a business associate, we engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about personal KPIs and their significance in driving meaningful impact. As the CEO of Diamond Logistics, I firmly believe in the power of setting personal objectives and key results that align with my vision to make a difference.

Personal Aims

While our core business revolves around delivering packages, my personal aim extends beyond the logistics industry. I strive to receive a sincere thank you at least once a week, as it serves as a tangible indicator of the positive difference I make in individuals’ lives. It’s a metric that allows me to gauge my progress effectively, as I can physically track the number of heartfelt expressions of gratitude I receive annually. However, it is essential to note that these expressions go beyond casual acknowledgments within the office. They manifest as thoughtful emails, letters, or cards that recognise and appreciate the extra mile I go to improve people’s lives.

Shared Success

I firmly believe that businesses bear a greater societal responsibility than solely pursuing profits, although financial sustainability remains crucial in the logistics industry. At Diamond Logistics, our core value of Shared Success drives us to apply the partnership principle to our operations on a weekly basis. Yet, I consider myself truly successful when someone takes the time to extend their gratitude, acknowledging the extra effort I have invested.

Last week, for instance, I assisted in crafting a comprehensive two-page business plan for a new venture in Brighton, aiding their pitch for securing premises. Within a day, I found a heartfelt card and a box of chocolates waiting for me on my doorstep. While it only required my accumulated business knowledge and an hour of my time, the impact it had on this fledgling enterprise was immeasurable. In that moment, I received my sincere thank you.

Moreover, I recently received a touching thank you card from the daughter of one of my team members, expressing her gratitude for a book I had recommended. Though seemingly insignificant, this small gesture meant the world to her. Little did she know that her card held equal significance to me.

Positive Impacts

To all the fellow business professionals engrossed in the day-to-day operations of their respective fields, be it the logistics industry or software development, I encourage you to adopt a broader perspective on how you can positively impact the individuals within your organisation each week. By doing so, you have the ability to elevate your team and collective vision, creating a genuine difference. Even if a sincere thank you is the extent of your weekly aspiration, I promise you that the ripple effect of such goodwill will be a rewarding investment of your time.

On a final note, setting personal KPIs that prioritise making a difference in people’s lives is essential for any CEO or business leader. At Diamond Logistics, my commitment to receiving sincere thank yous as a measure of my impact allows me to drive positive change and foster an environment of Shared Success. Remember, the influence we wield as business professionals extends beyond our core functions; it reaches the lives of those we touch, amplifying the value we create.

Kate is a leader in her industry and creates a wealth of guides and informative pieces for not only individuals in her industry but entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Click the link below to check out some of the guides and blogs she has contributed to.


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