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A2B Logistical Solutions, Your Trusted Network Partner for Leicester Fulfilment Services

One Year of Success for A2B Logistical Solutions for Leicester Fulfilment services.

A2B Logistical Solutions in Leicester has undergone an eventful and successful first year. Led by experienced professionals Ben Bryans and Andy Noble, who also serve as Amazon delivery service providers, the team has experienced a remarkable fourfold increase in volume through their Network Partnership with Diamond Logistics. Their comprehensive range of services includes overnight and international deliveries, as well as eCommerce fulfilment in Leicester.

Leicester Fulfilment Services

Reflecting on their journey, Ben and Andy share the valuable lessons they have learned along the way. While they initially started with a significant impact, they soon realized the importance of distinguishing between good and difficult clients. Consequently, they invested considerable time and effort in establishing a more sustainable client base in Leicestershire for eCommerce fulfilment, same day and next day courier services, as well as domestic and international shipping. This endeavour proved to be a challenging task, but one that was essential for their growth.

Business Growth

Having already achieved success as Amazon delivery service partners, Ben and Andy are highly experienced in the logistics industry. They have diligently worked towards diversifying their business within the Diamond Logistics network partnership model. When asked about their most significant learnings from the past year, they both emphasize the importance of maintaining a continuous sales pipeline. They acknowledge that not every client relationship will work out as expected. Andy adds,

“In addition, providing a personal touch is crucial. It’s one of the reasons why the diamond network continues to grow and maintain excellent client relationships throughout the UK.”

Customer Satisfaction

A notable example that showcases their commitment to service excellence involves a small eCommerce client. Within a span of 48 hours, this client’s daily consignments skyrocketed from around 10 to 1,200. Andy fondly recalls the Sunday morning text message they received at 08:47, urgently requesting their assistance in fulfilling this surge in orders by the following Tuesday, after a bank holiday. Overcoming numerous challenges, Ben and Andy pulled out all the stops to meet the client’s needs.

Ben emphasizes that this is where the Diamond network partnership excels in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He highlights that if they were a standard fulfilment centre, their only option would have been to decline the request. It is exceptionally difficult to scale up operations a thousandfold overnight. However, due to their unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service and supporting business growth, they were determined to make it happen, and they succeeded.

Building Relationships

In just 12 months, A2B Logistical Solutions has already quadrupled its business and shows promising performance heading into the end of 2023. When asked about their ambitions, Ben and Andy laughingly reply,

“Absolutely! We aim to become the next winners of the network partner of the year award.”

They have invested significant effort in establishing strong relationships with numerous local businesses in the Leicester area, including Loughborough, Hinkley, Market Harborough, and other regions of Leicestershire. They expect their business to quadruple once again in the coming year.

If they were to offer advice to new network partners joining the diamond crew, Ben and Andy emphasize the importance of maintaining a laser-like focus on sales growth. They acknowledge that it takes some time to understand the dynamics and gain momentum. However, once the rhythm is established, significant progress can be achieved.

Diverse Client Base

Andy cautions new partners to be wary of relying too heavily on a single major client, similar to their initial launch experience. While such clients may appear to be lucrative opportunities, there is an opportunity cost in terms of future sales pipeline development. Being consumed by operational demands and having all eggs in one basket can prove detrimental. Ben and Andy had to pause, reassess their strategy, and regroup. However, they now believe they have built a solid foundation for success not only in 2023 but also for the future.

If you are seeking an exceptional logistics partner for your eCommerce fulfilment, same day and next day deliveries, as well as international shipping in Leicestershire, look no further than A2B Logistical Solutions. Learn more about their services by visiting their dedicated service centre page here or complete the form below to contact them today.



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