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Top 5 Ecommerce fulfilment benefits you gain using Diamond Logistics

Have you considered outsourcing your Ecommerce fulfilment operations? Are you taking your time weighing up your options? We have 5 great reasons for you to take the leap and move your entire logistics processes to Diamond Logistics fulfilment platform. We do all the hard work for you and here’s how: 

1. Fulfil Orders Efficiently

From the moment your customer pushes the complete order button, our warehouse team are deployed to pick and pack your item with complete accuracy. Our smart technology allows you to virtually follow our pick and packing operations in real-time. So even though you are not physically involved in the preparation of you item for shipment, you can put your mind at rest that your customers order will be fulfilled in a timely manner. The presentation and safety of your product is a high priority for us. We ensure that your orders are packed according to your packing guidelines, meeting your standards and complying with your sustainability ethos. Utilising our fulfilment platform, we also select the most appropriate courier that will have the skills and set up to dispatch your order according to the care guidelines. Through our operations and processes, your orders will be delivered to the right destination, in the correct packaging in the most efficient way. 

2. Smart Warehousing Solutions

At Diamond Logistics, our fulfilment platform, Despatchlab, offers an end-to-end fulfilment management solution that is fully aligned to your logistics requirements to manage storage, packing and picking, and delivery. With this integrated technology, you have the flexibility of running your business on multiple online platforms and marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, or Shopify, without worrying about fulfilment or delivery. With the pre-built connections to these platforms, you no longer have to enter orders manually for fulfilment, giving you more time to focus on the things you love. 

3. Control of Costs

If you want to promote growth and scale your business, then partnering with Diamond Logistics is the next action you need to take. As an Ecommerce business, we know that you will have significant overheads covering warehouse space, storage furniture, back-office staff and shipping orders. We can help you reduce your operating expenses significantly and also support you in reallocating your resources and support the growth of your company. When you start using one of our nationwide logistics centres, you will only pay for the services you require. Instead of spending massive amounts of your cash on capital costs and bills, you will only be charged for the warehouse space your products occupy, the costs of distributing, packaging and shipping of each individual order, at a competitive rate. Through our established courier networks, you can also reap the benefits of lower shipping costs, as well as much quicker delivery times. 

4. Improve Customer Service

Working with Diamond Logistics will allow you to deliver top class customer service and give you the opportunity to better dedicate your time to improving the overall customer experience of your brand and product.  

We provide reliable customer service support, giving your customers the ability to contact us through email or phone. We give you end-to-end support concerning delivery queries, refunds requests, exchanges, or logging and processing warehouse returns. Having access to our services will dramatically reduce the number of enquiries and returns that you have to deal with. Our clients gain the time and resources to deliver a much better brand experience for their customers, improving the chance of repeat purchases, resulting in a boost in positive feedback and publicity. 

5. The Ability to Spend More Time on your Brand

Running an Ecommerce business can be extremely stressful, with so much to think about including keeping your online store updated, creating sales and communicating with your customers, it’s not surprising that many Ecommerce business owners are kept awake at night thinking about their business. The Ecommerce industry has become fierce, with new competitors opening online businesses every day and the 24/7 structure of online sales, when do you get a break? 

By outsourcing your order fulfilment processes to Diamond Logistics, you will have more time to spend on the strategy and growth plans for your business. There is nothing worse than rushing business decisions and we recognise your time is better spent on running your business, expanding your customer base and returning to creating products you love.  

Can you imagine having the headspace to think up new projects or design innovative products without the mental load of logistics? We can make it happen. 

Have we convinced you yet? Want to know more or how to get started? Give our team a call on 0333 567 5888, email us at or complete our contact form below. 


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