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What is the best packaging for transporting alcohol?

We speak to Kate Lester, Diamond Logistics Founder and CEO, about the best packaging for alcohol products, and the government’s plastic tax.

transporting alcoholWhat are the hot topics in packaging right now? 

Alcohol retailers want (and need) sustainable packaging. The government is introducing a plastic tax which comes into effect from April 2022.  


What is the plastic tax? 

The new tax applies to plastic packaging produced in, or imported into the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic.  

It will not apply to any plastic packaging which contains at least 30% recycled plastic, or any packaging which is not predominantly plastic by weight. 

Imported plastic packaging will be liable to the tax, whether the packaging is unfilled or filled.

What are re-giftable boxes? 

Re-giftable boxes are a nice trendy option which we offer for our alcohol retailers.  

Previously clients would be sent the boxed alcohol item and be given the option to purchase a gift bag/box too. 

However, a more sustainable option which we now offer, is reusable packaging. The item is sent in a standard brown/white box, which when opened, has an attractive image or logo (something with the real wow factor) on the inside. There is information inside or online for the customer which explains how to re-use the item as a gift box. 

Some of our alcohol fulfilment clients are really ahead of the game on this. It’s a service we offer our clients free of charge. 


What other sustainable packaging options are there? 

If it’s one or two bottles to one delivery address, I recommend Flexi-Hex, an expandable paper-based product which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It’s my top recommendation for my alcohol fulfilment clients.For over two bottles I would suggest a pulp insert from Ezee Group International into a double-walled box. We also offer Airsack – which is plastic – but can be deflated after use and recycled. However, we always offer a paper option first. 

Diamond can support with all three packaging options. These products are always on site because of our existing client base, and they are charged per order. This means our retail clients don’t have to worry about ordering, storage or surplus packaging. 

If clients prefer, they can specify their own packaging. We recommend they leave it to us though, so they can focus on marketing and selling their products. Our preferred packaging will never run out, as we’re in control of the supply chain. In control, we can manage the process end-to-end. 

Also, if clients are sending products via certain couriers, they will be expected to use its approved packaging, which we can help with. 

What about bespoke packaging of alcohol products? 

Yes we do that. We work with the client and a packaging supplier on the shape and function of the packaging. 

Once a design and print style is agreed, we work with the supplier to create a digital 3D template which will demonstrate how the packaging functions. 

Once the client signs off the design, we would agree on a minimum order quantity, and receive it within six weeks. 

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