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What is the fastest way to scale your health supplement business? 

After you build your tribal artisan following – look to the big marketplaces

Great brands build relationships, one to one with a tight community of people who will repeat purchase their goods. Now there’s a lot of noise out there so you have to build your audience via all the right social channels for your brand, but this is absolutely the best way to build your health supplement business in the initial stages. 

However, in order to scale your business you need to look at multiple marketplaces on which to sell your supplements and look for people to support you in scaling that. For example some people deem Amazon to be a necessary evil. However, some people believe it’s a way of accessing the mass market; and once they’ve built up their tribal following on their own website i.e. Woo and/or Shopify, then finding an accelerator who can help you promote your business through the big channels such as Amazon would be a really good way to scale your business. Companies such as Rosetta Brands may well be well placed for supporting you on this journey.  

It is also worth considering the international angle.  British brands have a very good reputation, and there is multilingual support for your Amazon site.

Add subscription and special offers to your model

For dedicated followers of supplementations, not having to remember to top up your Omega 3/6 and 9 and having it delivered regularly via subscription is one less thing to worry about. And for you as a business it means you’re not relying on people to remember to reorder either. You can start looking at your medium term income when you’ve got a percentage of your business on regular subscription rather than ad hoc purchases.  

And there are at least four or five occasions throughout the year whereby you can throw together a bespoke box to upsell to your clients. For example, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, the start of school holidays, end of school holidays and going into the deep dark winter are just some of the ideal times to get specialist supplement packs together. What about something to aid the libido in February or even something to offset the seasonal affective disorder of December? There’s plenty of opportunities to market your customers time and again.

Build culture and loyalty

Keep people coming back for more. Share information about more than the supplements with them. Tell them about the company, tell them about the motivation behind providing amazing supplements, tell them about your environmental and sustainability beliefs. Share with them what you do to support various charities. Engage them in a planet reprogram. Build that relationship with people in a time when everybody is feeling a little bit ragged and you will have a passionate relationship with your consumer for a long time to come. All our best brands are very relatable too. You have an irrational loyalty. Tell them you’re small, or tell them you started small. Anything to build in that relatability. 

I hope this helps your healthcare and supplements business to grow and if you need a hand with fulfilment then Diamond is the partner to call! If you would like to speak to us, our team can be contacted on 0333 567 5888, emailed at or you can complete our contact form below.


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