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What is the maximum size of goods I can send with same day delivery?

There are many benefits to booking a Same Day Delivery courier.

Using our Same Day Delivery Service makes your deliveries quick and accurate, and it is also really convenient.

One of the great things about booking a Same Day courier is the vehicle is (if agreed by your service centre) ready to take whatever you like, wherever you need it to go.

This means you can fill your chosen vehicle to the legal payload, which is a great way of to maximising the cost-effectiveness achieved with every delivery.


Choosing your same day vehicle

Same Day courier is booked ‘vehicle specific’.

At Diamond Logistics, we have a wide range of different vehicles available including small van, transit sized van, and Luton van for example.

The great thing about this service is that you can fill that vehicle as much or as little as you like. For cost-effectiveness, always try to select the size of vehicle that best optimises the usage.

For example, for small consignments, it may be best to pick a small van. Alternatively, for a really big consignment, we can offer much bigger vehicles, even going up to an articulated lorry.

The rule of thumb to maximise availability is the bigger the vehicle you need, the more notice to give.

So, if it’s just a small van or even a LWBTV (long wheel-based transit van) then you can order, and have your goods collected within the hour. If a larger vehicle is needed, the better the probability of us being able to fulfil your requirements if you give us a bit of notice.


Saving money using same day delivery

Same Day couriers can therefore be a really cost-effective way of moving a lot of goods.

You can even instruct your Diamond Logistics to do drops along the way to the final destination too.

This means you can combine multiple deliveries on one vehicle and really drive the price per delivery down by consolidation.

This makes it a single vehicle delivering in a dedicated manner, yet allows you to enjoy the added bonus of increased cost-effectiveness due to maximising the capacity of the vehicle.

It’s a courier service that is great for your budget and great for the environment too.

To answer the question, the maximum size of goods you can send for Same Day delivery depends on the size of vehicle you choose.

Whether you want to send a couple of small parcels, or enough to fill an articulated lorry, we can fill our vehicles right up to the maximum payload.

If you’d like to find out more about how Diamond can help you with your Same Day courier requirements then get in touch today or call 0333 567 5888

For more information on what Diamond Logistics can offer you, visit our full Same Day FAQs page. To discuss your requirements with our team, call us on 0333 567 5888, complete the below Contact form or drop us an email at


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