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Does ‘same day courier’ mean delivery on the same day?

In logistics, we have lots of terms that to the general population don’t necessarily make sense.  So, part of the blog series we are creating is based on explaining what we specifically mean.

In this case, does same day courier actually mean your parcel gets delivered that day?  Let’s find out.

How same day delivery works

Same Day courier does, indeed, primarily mean collection and delivery on the very same day.  That’s not all it implies though.

In the logistics industry, when you use the term same day courier, you are also referring to the technique or methodology of delivery.

Same day delivery can also be called dedicated delivery. This means collection from your premises is made by the very same vehicle and driver who will deliver it, as directly as required.  

When to use same day delivery

It’s important that if your item is particularly time orientated, precious, valuable, or important that you use a same day courier.

Firstly, there is no quicker form of delivery. If you can get your parcel collected within an hour such as you can with Diamond Logistics same day service, and immediately driven straight to your point of delivery, then you are sure to hit any realistic time targets you have set.

Whilst overnight or next day delivery is very appropriate for many deliveries, if the criteria outlined applies, the tiny percentage of risk that comes with overnight shipping  means the cost is not worth the risk.

There is much less risk with same day delivery as your item is simply collected from you and taken straight to the destination. The lack of movement in driver and vehicle minimises the risk of losing a parcel or a delivery being delayed.

Is it always delivered on the same day?

Same day can mean the very same day within working hours, but this is dependent on the time you make the booking. Another factor that can make same day delivery impossible is how far the destination is from the collection point.

After all, at Diamond Logistics, we pick up dedicated courier consignments to go all around Europe and therefore if a delivery is booked ‘same day to Southern Italy’ – it’s likely it will arrive in 48 hours or so.

The delivery would still be dedicated, but accounting for the physical distance of the end destination, same day delivery may be impossible.

In a nutshell, same day should only take as long as the time to drive from collection to delivery. This is because our drivers will collect your parcel and immediately head to the destination. If it’s geographically possible, we will deliver the product the same day we collect it.

Another example of how same day delivery may not be delivered that exact day, is when important items are handed to us at late times.

An example of this would be a law firm client of ours that has been working on legal papers until very late in the evening. In this case, the courier often collects before midnight for delivery by 1200 the next day.

This would still be classed as same day as a dedicated same day courier vehicle would be used to ensure the delivery was as fast as possible, even if it may be the following day that the drop-off was actually made.

Same day delivery doesn’t always have to be sent immediately. Goods we have held in our warehouse for some time can be booked for delivery on a specific day. Still deemed a ‘same day courier’, these parcels will be delivered at the date and time of our client’s choice.


Same day delivery means more than simply taking a parcel and dropping it off at its destination before midnight.

It is actually based on the service that is being provided. This is often a dedicated courier, who will personally collect your parcel and take it straight where it needs to go.

Whether this is delivered that exact day relies on many different factors, but one thing is for sure. Not a second will be wasted and the delivery will always be the fastest it can possibly be.

If you need help planning your logistics in dedicated deliveries then Diamond can help. Please get in touch on 0333 567 5888

For more information on what Diamond Logistics can offer you, visit our full Same Day FAQs page.


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