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Why should I become a Diamond Logistics Network Partner?



It’s taken us five years, a team of 10 people and 1,000s of hours of work to launch Despatchlab, and it’s unique. There is nothing like it on the market that does the same – combining Same Day, Overnight and International multi-carriers plus storage and fulfilment. It integrates with all the major online marketplaces – eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and dozens more – so your local eCommerce clients will love it, and potential ones will choose you because of it.


Carrier rates 

You won’t get the carrier rates and corporate customer services unless you are spending the millions per annum we are spending with our main carriers. We have negotiated group rates which allow Network Partners to add a reasonable margin to incorporate your profit.  Many of the major carriers simply won’t let you buy from them direct. 


Diversity of services 

You can’t provide the diversity of services – packets, parcels, long lengths, domestic and International, business and home delivery – Overnight, Same Day plus local Fulfilment too. And diversity is important – it makes sales so much easier when you are able to carry a diverse range of products. 


Administrative support 

Paying the carriers, financing the working capital, creating the invoices, doing the first 90% of the credit control for less than 10% (which are our ongoing fees).  Whilst we do all this, you can be doing the bits that make you money – getting and keeping great customers. 


Nationwide network 

We are the largest UK network of local fulfilment centres, from Plymouth to Edinburgh! We offer a truly national service. Read about our expansion in Scotland with Blaze Logistics – our Edinburgh based Network Partner – in this blog post. 



  • If you feel like you need help taking control of your business, or even diversifying from a handful of larger client – choose Diamond Logistics.

    ● If you want to learn from a business with 30 years of experience in the industry or need a technological solution to drive efficiency and create a foundation for scale – choose Diamond Logistics. 
    ● If you are in a niche area of the industry and want to offer more solutions to local business or if your business is not reaching the right audience through your own brand and marketing efforts locally – choose Diamond Logistics. 
    If you cannot offer local businesses all the services they need, then a Diamond partnership can support you to get all the above and more. Don’t wait and see what happens, call Diamond Logistics today on 0333 567 5888, email us at or complete the Contact form below:


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