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What items can I send on an overnight service?

When thinking about what can you send on the overnight network, it is more a case of what you cannot send. Or rather, what you should not really send via an Overnight and International carrier.

What not to send with an Overnight and International courier

If you have items that are hugely valuable such as works of art or Nana’s ashes (true story) you should not really be using an Overnight network.

Rest assured, with Diamond Logistics, you have the option of upgrading to a same day courier for your particularly important deliveries such as this. Basically, this option shouldn’t be used if your package is precious or irreplaceable.

Another difficult one is hazardous goods. It is also a good idea to check with Diamond HQ if you have goods that might come under these criteria.

These can be goods as innocuous as nail polish, so a good rule of thumb is if in doubt, always ask. Used items that have held petrol inside them e.g. lawnmowers are a no too.   And finally, anything that may be a hazard to the other parcels is a big no.

What should you send Overnight delivery

Items that are regularly sent international or next day delivery are any fast-moving consumer goods. These are normally sent to residential addresses, albeit we do lots of business-to-business deliveries too.

Imagine things such as t-shirts or shoes that aren’t hazardous to anything and are at low risk of being damaged. Goods like this, which are also low cost, are the perfect item to be sent on this kind of delivery.

Getting the packaging right

Any goods that are not well packaged are not fit for Overnight or International delivery either. In our 30+ years’ experience, we know that the chance of a safe delivery is vastly improved by well-packaged goods.

For a consignment to be well packaged you need to think about the quality of the box, the filler or stuffing of that is being used, and the wrapping of the item enclosed.

There are thousands of packaging options on which we are happy to advise you on if you would like to contact us.

We find packaging works best if it is square.

Our inspection of the major hubs showed just why round tubes for example may seem cute and easy to despatch but are a nightmare on conveyor belts. Just like a bottle of wine rolling down your conveyor belt at Tesco’s – it can easily slip off.

So, a square-edged parcel under 30kg that is well packaged is by far the best and therefore most successful Overnight delivery.

Obviously internationally now there can be a few issues, especially around food products. This is both from a paperwork and a customs perspective.

However, we have taken care of much of the arduous work behind this via process automation and industry expertise. Want to know more? Visit our dedicated Overnight and International page.

And if you have any questions, then maybe our Overnight and International delivery FAQs page will have the answer.

If you would like to know if your goods will work well in the carrier networks, then give us a shout at, call 0333 567 5888 or complete the below Contact form:


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