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Who is a good fit to be a Diamond Same Day client?

Diamond has been serving same day clients since 1992

and indeed still have some of our original clients even to this day!

We have been working with F1 Racing Teams, Department of Health, the NHS – and all sorts of businesses in-between. From law, healthcare, PR, and print plus the vast variety of eCommerce and retail businesses, we have a broad client base who we are always proud to work with.

The key similarity between all of our clients is that they need to know their goods are reliably delivered and if there are problems that Diamond Logistics will solve them.

And 99% of the time, we can reference the work we have done for these.

Companies that are a good fit for Diamond have a requirement to be responsible suppliers. We have everything, from a great environmental policy, to our cyber essentials accreditation.

Supply chain transparency

We have 100% supply chain transparency and a focus on delivering with minimal ecological impact. By maximising vehicle utilisation, minimalising empty (ghost) vehicles and using electric where operationally possible, we make sure all of our deliveries are as energy-efficient as can be.

Companies who need a flexible and adaptive service would be a good fit. Someone who can appreciate the skill set of our team and wants to build a great rapport is important too.

The more we get to know each other the better we can work for you. It’s all about the shared success principle. This is our founding value at Diamond and we love nothing more than building mutually beneficial partnerships.

Additional services

Also, if you need additional other services such as next day, international, and even fulfilment then Diamond is a good call.

Choosing Diamond Logistics means you have everything in one place with one supplier. This is great for minimising admin, invoices and management.

And we’ve got to add this as our Financial Director will be chuffed if we do…..we really like good payers!

Seriously though, we will do credit checks before we extend account facilities so please take this into consideration before applying for an account.

If you’d like to see if you qualify for a Same Day courier account at Diamond Logistics please get in touch at, call 0333 567 5888 or complete the following Contact form.

For more information on what Diamond Logistics can offer you, visit our full Same Day FAQs page.


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