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What makes a Reliable Beauty Fulfilment Partner?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say . . . But what does that mean for our own beauty fulfilment clients?

And how can you find beauty in your own lives when choosing a beauty fulfilment partner to carry out an extraordinary service?

Providing beauty products within your own business or as part of a larger company can be exciting but also bring its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to handling beauty product fulfilment.

The beauty industry has experienced significant growth in the last number of years partly due to the rise of beauty gurus, content creators and influencers promoting products via their Get Ready With Me (GRWM) content.

Partnering with a reliable beauty fulfilment company can make all the difference to your creativity and what you offer your customers. When you know with certainty that your products will reach your customers on time and in perfect condition it allows you to get on with what you are great at creating… not worrying about ‘will they or won’t they get there on time?’

Beauty fulfilment involves the storage, packaging, and shipping of your beauty products to customers. Here are 6 big considerations when choosing a partner.

Choosing your beauty fulfilment partner

1. Reputation

Research and read reviews about potential fulfilment partners. Look for a company with a solid track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. We can provide you with great reviews as we have a never-ending stream of them!

2. Location

Choose a fulfilment centre strategically located in the UK to minimise shipping costs and delivery times. That’s where Diamond Logistics rises head and shoulders above others that you may have seen. We have branches throughout the UK and we partner to make our network strong and indestructible.

Did you know . . . Diamond Logistics is the UK’s ONLY national and local fulfilment partner. With over 30 sites around the UK . . . we are specifically tailored to provide local fulfilment.

3. Services offered

Ensure the fulfilment company offers services like storage, order processing, packaging, and shipping tailored to your specific beauty products. Not all products are the same! You know it – and so do we. Have a chat with us to determine how we can best look after your products.

4. Technology integration

Opt for a fulfilment partner that uses modern technology to manage inventory and order processing efficiently. It is something at Diamond Logistics we get very excited about – our tech. And you can get excited about it too because our logistics management platform, Despatchlab, takes fulfilment and delivery to the next level. This smart solution lets you book, track and manage your courier requirements, express parcels and shipments all on one easy-to-use platform. You can be with your delivery every step of the way. Almost like you are delivering it yourself!

It manages your inventory, multiple marketplace integrations PLUS logistics management! It shows you what we are doing, when we are doing it; from wherever in the world you care to run your business. 

All this, backed by friendly local voices at the end of the phone . . . the people who make sure Diamond delivers.

5. Scalability

Consider your growth potential and select a fulfilment company that can scale with your business. You’ve put all the hard work in for growth and expansion – which can happen suddenly; you don’t want to find yourself lacking at such a key stage.

In the beauty and personal care market, 24.2% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2023 according to Statista. We know you want to play your part in that.

Add to that the behaviour of online customers over peak periods such as Christmas and seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, has revealed that 15% of online shoppers purchased beauty cosmetics. This is 15% of overall online purchases during this time, which further illustrates an increase in demand for the beauty fulfilment industry.

We are ready for you at Diamond Logistics. Growth is our middle name and we love to support clients that choose that trajectory too.

6. Pricing

Finally. And quite important we think. Get a clear understanding of the pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget. You don’t want to fix one problem to only find yourself with another because your chosen company had hidden extras or unclear and complicated pricing.

Find out more about our beauty fulfilment services

We look forward to hearing about your business, fulfilment and logistics requirements. With fulfilment, express parcels and same-day all combined via our one-stop logistics platform, Despatchlab – we have the very best national service and technology combined with quality local delivery to give you a logistics experience to make you smile. The Diamond Smile.

Let’s talk. Click below to  get in touch and let’s discuss your beauty fulfilment needs.


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