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What’s The Difference Between Same Day and Next Day Delivery?

If you need to get something urgent somewhere fast, then it would make sense to choose a same day courier delivery service, wouldn’t it?

Same day is actually the classic version of logistics. The very first couriers in ancient Greece used to literally collect documents, scrolls and goods and deliver direct to their destination. It was only in the 1980s in the wake of Post Office strikes that the creation of the overnight hub network arose and ‘Next Day’ delivery was born. ‘Next day’ delivery reduced cost – due to consolidation of vast volumes of goods. But it reduced speed of delivery and certainty – as the very nature of consolidation means that many hands must touch your goods before there are delivered. So if your goods are important or urgent then the very best way to get them delivered is Same Day Courier.

Now, with the rise of people like Amazon Prime, Deliveroo and Getir people are getting very used to very fast delivery. So Same Day Courier is having a bit of a renaissance. It’s not longer about saving costs – it’s about beating customer expectation time in delivery. The faster you satisfy your customers the more they will use you. It’s all about reliability and ease of use. This is not just about Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – it’s also about business to business delivery. You deliver fast, you look great. And this makes your business very attractive to your customers.

Plus modern technology in mobile communications including GPS and the evolution of really smart logistics platforms mean the experience is really transparent too. From collection to delivery customers demand proof that your letters and parcels are delivered to customers in record-fast time.

Keeping up with customer expectations

Providing logistics to match your client expectations is about a good mix of services. By couriers and delivery service providers offering both next day and same-day deliveries, customers can choose what is appropriate for their goods.

If it’s not so urgent and important next day is fine. But if it’s urgent and important or bulky and fragile then same day is a very good choice. Meet delivery expectations and you’ll leave your customers even more satisfied with the products they order and they are more inclined to leave positive feedback for customer service.  

Choosing Same Day is the perfect solution for time-sensitive goods. These services are essential for food, medicines and other perishable goods that need to be transported quickly before they spoil and become unusable.

There are some logistical challenges faced by courier services when providing these services. However, most customers are willing to pay extra for instant gratification, so it may cost more to pull out all the stops for a same-day delivery than overnight or next day delivery.

Cut off time for deliveries

The great thing about same day courier is it can be (subject to your account requirements) be booked 24 hours a day, seven days a week because the driver is despatched direct to your door, and then sent direct to the final delivery destination.

For a next day or overnight delivery typically it needs to be booked and collected before 1600 – for delivery within 24-48 hours. This is because the consolidation process takes broadly 24 hours. Therefore for the most flexible collection times choose Same Day.

Delivering on time

If it’s REALLY important that your goods are there on time the only way to pretty much guarantee this is to book a same day courier. For example, if you have a tender to be delivered in hard copy that is worth £82m (this is a true Diamond story) you do not want to risk it missing its 1200 deadline.

Overnight carriers are really good for the money (mostly) but it its HAS to be there you want to make sure that risk is reduced. My rule is – if the cost of the goods getting there far outweighs the cost of them not, then book a Same Day Courier. (BTW our client won that tender!).

Delivery Guaranteed

If it’s medical equipment needed for someone already on the operating table (another true story) or a blood transfusion – you don’t have time for it to be delivered next day. Equally if you have a one day exhibition that you need to have your print work delivered to – it’s no good if you need it today and it is delivered tomorrow.

So if it absolutely has to be there, choose Same Day.

There are some exceptions to the generalisation that overnight or next day saves you money when compared to Same Day. If you have a full van load, or your goods are bulky and ‘out of gauge’ for an overnight network then it can be more cost effective to send the goods same day.

Ask your local service centre for a bespoke quote to compare.


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