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Network Partnership – add services to  your logistics business


Many courier companies, particularly Amazon Delivery Service Providers (DSP’s) or DPD Franchises, have one or two major clients – namely Amazon or DPD! If one of those major clients suddenly didn’t need support, essentially switching that business revenue off, with all eggs in just one or two baskets, the DSP is left quite vulnerable. 

SameDay courier specialists which do not have access to carrier accounts or the technology and knowledge to provide their clients with the complementary services of Overnight, International and the all-important eCommerce Fulfilment – a fast growth sector in logistics – may pay a hefty price down the line too, as people seek alternative services more relevant to the evolving logistics market.

Adding more services to your business future proofs it, a classic step which works. This is not a Courier Franchise though. Its a partnership – a way to keep your own business, your own accounts, your own client relationships with a Diamond Network partnership.

Diversification adds stability, reduces vulnerability and increases the sale ability or the value of your business. A vast amount of our Network Partners are building their businesses up for future generations of their families. By building direct relationships with multiple local clients and offering them a range of reliable services, they are shaping a robust operation for sons, daughters and even their youngsters, involved in the company. Read about Diamond Network Partner Blaze Logistics and its ambitious plans to develop eCommerce fulfilment in Scotland here. 

The diversification will level out seasonality and fluctuations in revenue because SameDay, Overnight & International and eCommerce all have different focus points. It also provides you with the tools to match your aspirations for growth via these sales. 

The bold decision to future proof your business can’t wait. Not only will it prevent your company from obsolescence with new emerging technologies such as drones or robots (which may remove the need for DSP’s at some point), but also to thrive by adapting to market changes, for example the continuing rise of eCommerce.  

It also mitigates against the risk of substantial changes in the status of self-employed drivers – the impact of which will decrease profit in this element of your business. 

If you’re ready to diversify your courier business, with a partner that can support you with the infrastructure you need – from technology to marketing – contact Diamond Logistics today via the below form and our team will be in touch to discuss our exciting opportunities.

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