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Why subscription box retailers need an effective fulfilment partner

Subscription boxes – the go to online retail model.

Subscription boxes have become the ‘go to’ online retail model for UK households in the last five years, according to recent research. It’s no wonder as subscription boxes fit perfectly into people’s busy lives, gifting a treat at the start of the month without any hassle involved.

Growth Market

With the subscription box market set to grow annually by 23%, it’s expected to surpass £1.90 billon by 2025. With this fast growth rate, what is likely to become tricky for subscription box retailers is consistently meeting their customer’s high expectations. After all, people choose these packages for their convenience, timely delivery and personal touches, something that is not always easy to achieve on a large scale. This is why subscription box retailers need an effective fulfilment partner, with expertise in subscription logistics, alongside them as they grow.

How can Diamond Logistics can help with your subscription box fulfilment?

Some fulfilment companies don’t really understand the logistical demands of subscription box fulfilment. A fulfilment partner needs to coordinate incoming goods from different suppliers, pick multiple items ensuring they are all included and oversee different subscription requirements. No easy task!

The issue for subscription box retailers is that if a fulfilment partner fails in this task, they will lose customers, reputation and revenue. This is why a subscription retailer needs to work with a logistics company that knows the market well.

Here’s how Diamond are rising to that task.


We have invested in our own fulfilment and logistics platform, Despatchlab, that is geared towards complex fulfilment functions that subscription boxes require.

Specialist centre

We have set up a specialist subscription box centre in Bournemouth that is run by experts in subscription logistics and fulfilment and picked and packed by trained staff.

Competitive cost

Our specialist centre allows us to keep prices competitive and we work with a number of different carriers to secure the best delivery rates depending on the service you require.

Building personal relationships

We are a client focused company that works closely with all of our subscription box entrepreneurs. The personal relationships we build mean we can respond to any issues you may be facing month by month. Something that has unfortunately become more common with supply chain issues. We will help you to work around any problems so that building and despatching still happens on time.

If having a focussed, professional and specialist fulfilment partner is important to you, then we are here to help. If you would like to find out more, please call our team on 0333 567 5888, email us at, or complete our contact form below.


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