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You’re a diamond… And you deserve a break

We’ve been lucky enough to have two bank holidays in May. Great news, right? Not always. When you run and manage a business a bank holiday can cause stressful times too – bringing deadlines earlier, re-arranging schedules, staff going on holiday around this time…and you… well you see it as an extra day to work right!? Wrong!

It’s important that you have a little down time.


This month, we gave out a ‘Break in a Box’ kit to celebrate the Spring Bank Holiday and ensure our clients took a diamondbreak. All they had to do was be one of the first to email us:

  • Where their local diamond depot is
  • What the 3 unique services of diamondlogistics are

Just to help with future competitions here’s the answers:

What are the 3 unique services diamondlogistics provide?


diamondovernight & international


We had lots of people taking us up on our break offer and are soon indulging in their pink popcorn and classic film as part of their diamondbreak.

One of our clients seems to be enjoying theirs in the office already! Not quite
the place for a break we had in mind!

Keep checking back with diamond and see what we’re doing for our clients. We think it’s really important that we keep in touch with everyone we work with. Because communication is key. We try and make sure we’re reaching out to our lovely clients at least once a month.

This Spring bank holiday, we would like to remind you all that you’re not alone. And that diamond is ALWAYS with you. Every step of the way to building your business. Make sure you take some time out for yourself. Because you and I both know, you’re a diamond and you really do deserve a break.



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