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Make your diamondcake

Just over a week ago, attendees of 3PL conference listened to our founder, Kate Lester as she revealed her secret ingredients at the only event for getting 3PLs and logisticians working better together. Kate addressed the jam and stickiness in customer relationships. Giving her advice on how you build and grow these to aid your customers’ business and yours – after all, it’s all about Shared Success©.

Here at diamond we see ourselves as the jam in the Victoria Sponge between clients and their customers. Our job is to keep them together – we are an integral part of their cake. Let’s face it – you ain’t got no Victoria Sponge without the jam!

But what gives diamond it’s sweetness that enables its function to stick?

Let’s talk in words that we can all can get on board with – and seeing as we have started the cake theme – a ‘Victoria Sponge’ simple, yet effective…


So what is the method to make this cake a success?

Like every cake, you need a list of ingredients that need to be added into the mix to create that perfect all round ‘deliciousness’. You need to have your:

diamondpurpose: Stick to it and remind people of it everyday.

Ours: building businesses with one stop logistics. By providing our clients with the logistics platform that enables them to deliver. Sameday, overnight & international and fulfilment; we have tailor-made logistics solutions to fit our clients’ businesses.

diamondvalues: The key principles on which you trade. We have 3 core values: ‘Shared Success ©’, ‘be a really great company to work for, trust and belong to’ and ‘over delivering to exceed client expectations’.

diamondpartners: This is a key part of our business methodology – we are partner with our team, suppliers, network partners. It’s mutually beneficial relationships.

diamondvision: Share your vision for where you want your company to go with all your team and discuss how you think they might work with you on that. At diamond we call it our 2020 Vision doc – and its on the wall and imbibes everything we do. This roadmap gives everyone the clear understanding of where we are heading and how they can help us.

diamondpeople: Last but the most important. Your #diamondpeople. Have a really great team in your bowl. Nurture them, inspire passion, dedication and commitment to the cause. Our people are our jam. Without them diamond has nothing sticking it together.

At the core of diamond’s cake is our passionate love of people. It is all about the people, not just the parcels at this company. #teamdiamond.



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