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In Conversation with Kate

diamondlogistics is led by CEO, Kate Lester. After getting into the Virgin Fast Track 100, we sat down with her to get you, our clients some insider tips on how diamond has become so successful. And what our future looks like. We think it’s pretty bright…


  1. What was life like before diamond and does your past experience help you?

I’ve been in logistics for 25 years, a member of the National Courier Association and Despatch Association for 23 years, on the board of Despatch Association proceeding to become Chair’man’, founded DA Systems to rescue Despatch Association members, ran a logistics consultancy helping businesses grow, expand or acquire for six years and now have 20 diamond depots across the country with 40 predicted by the end of year and national
launch next year.

The list as you can see, is really quite long!

My extensive experience in all sectors of logistics has enabled me to template best practice and exclude inefficient business practices – plus build a business model that incorporates my core beliefs around mutualism – which is why we scaled with a franchise model. This symbiotic relationship is essential for longevity and excellence in service delivery.

  1. Tell us about how diamond builds its relationships and the types of clients you like to work with

diamond builds business on one stop logistics

We do this under 3 core values

  • Shared Success© – mutually beneficial partnerships between couriers, carriers and clients
  • To be a great company to work for trust and belong to
  • Over delivering to exceed client expectations

Our niche is SME’s that acknowledge that logistics is crucial to their business – but all understand that it not their core discipline and can be efficiently outsourced – often resulting in an increase in their service delivery to their clients.

  1. What’s the best approach when undertaking a new client or project? How do you ensure right from the start that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved?

We’ve got over 25 years’ experience which helps but there’s a core process that supports it.

There are a few key things we ALWAYS have done and will do though:

  • We listen fully to clients’ requirements.
  • We offer a bespoke proposal including pricing
  • We create an expectation document so we all know what’s expected
  • We trial and we roll
  • Lots of reviews and meetings to make sure everyone happy and then it’s all about retention – keeping great clients.
  1. What has been the most important thing you have learnt throughout your career so far and how has this helped you achieve success?

Have the right team behind you. The correct people pulling your boat forwards, TOGETHER. And ensure they care almost as much as you do.

Then Shared Success© – one of diamond’s core values – build mutually beneficial partnerships – between our couriers, carriers, clients and franchises. As you grow so do your network – it’s win-win.

  1. What challenges and opportunities have you faced during your time here and how have they affected your role?

Tech revolution brings challenges and extinction of some businesses – but it also provides opportunity. You just have to change direction – doesn’t mean you have to change ultimate destination.

  1. What are you hoping that diamond will achieve in the future?

diamond’s got it’s 2020 vision – to be in the top 3 courier companies in Europe. Sharing success and giving great service to everyone that uses us. We love retention – of great people and great clients. And we are the only courier and fulfilment franchise in the UK that caters for the growing ecommerce business. By the end of 2017, we want 40 sites across the country and to launch a national network in 2018.

  1. What’s diamond’s future looking like?

We are scaling to 40 site in 2017-18, opening home depots in Manchester and Birmingham and starting the nationwide marketing of our services.

All of this whilst fulfilling our key purpose and sustaining our core values as we scale.

That’s our insight into diamond’s success. You can be sure that we’re ticking along nicely and are fully equipped to be delivering your VIPs every single day. Don’t forget to take some of the tips for your own businesses. It’s true, we’re all about Shared Success©


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