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Building great client retention in your courier company

As an astute courier company owner or delivery service provider, you’re going to want to diversify your income when looking into your plans for 2023. A lot of our delivery service providers not only provide vehicles to Amazon, but they’re taking on board Palletways (through a franchise option) as well as their Diamond Network Partnership. Whilst this means that these people are busy (!), it also means that they are building a well-rounded business that isn’t relying on one stream of income.

How though, once they get the opportunity to have a Diamond Network Partnership, do these courier companies ensure they’re building a sustainable growing business?

Well, it’s all about client retention. Here are the key ways we retain clients better at Diamond when compared to many other businesses that are kind of the same as us:

No 1: Logistics management technology

Despatchlab is our easy to use, one stop logistical platform, built by logistics people, on which our network partners, their clients, and their clients’ customers (people in receipt of the end delivery) get 100% transparency of the thousands of transactions that go through it every single day. From same day courier, the multiple carriers, to the stock in our warehouse; Despatchlab cleverly provides our clients and network partners full visibility on the progress of each order that is processed for delivery.

Truly unique in the UK, it is one of the main reasons that network partners join us and clients use us. If you want to see a demonstration of Despatchlab, email

No 2: Diversity of services

That are available locally. The combination of fulfilment and delivery via same day courier, as well as the multiple carriers we employ, is a substantial benefit to any courier and unique in the UK market. Diamond is at the forefront of the fulfilment and delivery revolution and with over 30 sites around the UK, it’s not gonna be long before eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, decide we are the delivery partner they need!

This helps all our local clients truly compete with international brands, by being able to offer their clients a prime quality service:

  • If it’s very urgent goods, we can deliver same day.
  • If they need us to stock hold, we have warehouses.
  • If they need cost effective delivery, we can deliver overnight.
  • If they need to deliver internationally, we’ve got it covered.

It’s truly international. It’s providing local businesses with global delivery standards.

No 3: We manage exceptions

Mostly in logistics, clients are waiting until their customers complain that a delivery has not arrived. Whereas a core Diamond principle is to proactively manage exceptions.

This means that we know that stuff’s gone wrong before our client and their customer does. And we work very hard in order to mitigate the circumstances. This can mean arranging to send other goods, dealing with a dodgy address, or we can be phoning your customer to tell them not to wait in all day for the delivery because it’s had a 24 hour delay in its journey.

Logistics isn’t perfect, we all know this. There’s far too many elements involved in it, it can be complicated and it can go wrong. But Diamond’s proactive exception management solves most issues. This proactive management of client expectations ensures the very best customer experience in the ever changing world of logistics.

No 4: Variety of services

To suit a wide breadth of budgets. From 48 hour packing services, to postal services, to one hour time delivery slots, our fulfilment services allow our clients to have a wide breadth of service options to pass onto their customers; some of which are impossible for clients to easily access by themselves.

So, at Diamond, we really do provide our partners and clients with that one-stop logistics provision. As well as the technology and streamlining of services, we have exceptional rates in place because of our bulk buying power; enabling us to keep logistics at a price which keeps it competitive for British industry.

Building client retention

In summary, the way a courier business owner builds a diverse income is to:

  • Utilise great logistics management technology, such as Despatchlab.
  • Take a multiple carriers approach which enables them to provide a variety of services and delivers the ability to do same day as well as overnight and international at great prices.
  • Look for ways to deliver the combination of fulfilment with delivery. At Diamond, with over 30 sites around the UK, we can delivery both fulfilment and delivery. Our proactive exception management means that clients are very loyal.

If you’d like more information on how to add a Diamond Network Partnership to your business then get in contact with the Network Partnership team. Eve and her team can be contacted on 0333 567 5888. Alternatively, email us at or complete our contact form below.


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