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SmarterNaturally – Availing of fulfilment services to improve the nation’s health

This month, we spoke to SmarterNaturally about how quality fulfilment and delivery has helped improve the health of their customers.

For the majority of consumers, January represents a time for resolutions and new starts, especially when it comes to health and wellness. With this need for reinvigorating lifestyles and detoxing after Christmas, our health and supplement clients, especially the subscription box services, experience an influx of sales in the first few weeks of the year. Health and beauty subscriptions have been reported to be the second most popular subscription service after food and beverages. A report conducted by Royal Mail found that up to 11% of UK consumers had subscribed to a health and beauty subscription box in the year 2020. At Diamond, we see first hand the popularity of our health and wellness clients products and work closely with their team to ensure that their new year fulfilment and delivery targets are consistently met.

What was SmarterNaturally’s fulfilment needs?

When we first engaged with SmartNaturally, they required a logistics partner who could provide them with a reliable fulfilment solution with accurate and timely delivery services. As a provider of a product proven to improve the health of type 2 diabetics, we knew they needed a dedicated team to plan and execute a clear and precise fulfilment strategy. SmartNaturally needed their products to be picked, packed and despatched within a set timeframe to ensure their customers were never without their products for any extended period of time. The detail that goes into subscription box fulfilment at this level could be overwhelming to another logistics company, but not for Diamond.

Laura Knight, CEO of SmarterNaturally, explains about the benefits of outsourcing their fulfilment to Diamond,

“By working with Diamond, we can focus on the selling, marketing and customer service aspects of our business, and not have to worry about the logistics of getting our product to our customers.”

During the turbulent Royal Mail strikes, SmarterNaturally had full access to our multi-carrier solution which ensured their customers received their subscription orders on time and without delay. Their product is relied upon by numerous customers to help maintain their blood glucose levels or reduce their blood cholesterol levels. SmartNaturally also has access to our diverse courier services including same day, next day and international delivery, which will benefit the company when they decide to take the next leap to sell to the global market.

What are their business plans for 2023?

In 2023, SmartNaturally plans to launch a new soup flavour as well as expanding to new markets. Currently, the soup can only be purchased in the UK, however they have received increased interest in the product from international markets. Working with Diamond on the logistics, they are exploring how to expand their business to a number of key regions, whilst maintaining high quality customer service. They are also excited to be working with some of the UKs best known doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians to cement their place in the UK market.

About SmarterNaturally

SmarterNaturally is a health and supplement subscription service which has created a nutritionally dense and powerful health boosting soup. SmarterNaturally Soup aims to help people maintain a healthy metabolism, which will enable them to improve their health and reduce their risk of the developing type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. For as little as £5.50 a week, their customers are provided with a weekly subscription of soup delivered to their door. SmarterNaturally Soup is made from a unique ‘super strain’ of broccoli called ‘GRextra’. GRextra has been developed through years of research at the Quadram Institute (one of the UK’s leading food & health research institutions) to contain up to 5x more glucoraphanin than a standard broccoli. This health-boosting compound has been proven to help reduce elevated blood glucose levels and SmartNaturally customers can benefits from these qualities by consuming their unique and tasty instant soup.

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Sector: Health, Wellness and Supplement

Reach: National markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Fast and reliable delivery network
  • Specialist fulfilment centres
  • Industry knowledge and connections
  • Excellent customer support

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