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Classic couriers for legal documents and professional services

When only a same day courier will do

Delivering legal documents and professional services

When Kate started the business on the 16th of March 1992 her very first clients were solicitors and accountants in Guildford. Now we know that times have changed and there are many ways to get documents signed but ultimately speaking if you are delivering an archive box to the High Courts of Justice or wanting to make sure that an urgent contract is signed and returned for a sale of the business, then you know that the only way to do that is via urgent Same Day Courier.

Longevity in delivery services

Over the last 31 years diamond logistics has dealt with countless house sales, serving papers for divorces, last minute accounts, Companies House returns – all the things that you want to know are absolutely delivered. And the great thing about a Same Day Courier is the flexibility of delivery. Not only is it very fast with collections (within 30 minutes) but it will be delivered direct. Obviously, when goods are this urgent and important transparency is incredibly important. So, with Despatchlab giving live tracking the progress can be minutely monitored and proof of delivery delivered instantaneously. And when you have a barrister waiting on the steps of the Hight Court they will be able to track the minute-by-minute progress of the vehicle to the liaison point saving valuable time. Also because of the digital signatures we held/hold we have an opportunity for these to be used as confirmation/evidence of the transaction occurring. Very useful for such important documents.


Speed is also very important. Many people want legal or financial matters resolved extremely quickly and days lost in delivery aren’t acceptable for their clients. With issues in terms of IT, industrial action and carrier overwhelm there’s been a variety of challenges in the overnight delivery system in the last six months so to ensure a speedy transaction, Same Day Courier is the way to go.


Using a same day courier also has impact. A courier turning up waiting for a signature enhances the professionalism of the transaction, adds weight and gravity. Something in the post isn’t impactful. Something signed for and delivered by hand direct really does emphasise the importance of the contents of that delivery.

Diamond Logistics has literally serviced hundreds of thousands, if not millions of legal financial and professional services documents over the years. So, if you want a courier company you can really trust you know who to call.


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